Extra: Ordinary Moments

Baby Rooftops fast asleep

Contrary to what that picture might suggest, it's been all go here the past fortnight.

Steve and his dad have slain the ivy which was threatening to pull down our garden walls. It took a full day of hacking and shredding and they discovered a mysterious black cable running through the middle of it (how do you find out what a mysterious black cable in your flowerbeds is?!) but it's a huge relief to have the job done.

Slaying the ivy
Matilda had her second set of vaccinations which left her very sleepy for a few days but which, thankfully, didn't seem to cause her any major discomfort. She was weighed and measured while she was at the surgery and is bang on where she should be.

Karen and I took the babies to see Song of the Sea which is the most beautiful Irish animated film and which Matilda happily sat and watched.

My mum came to visit for a few days which meant lots of attention (and presents) for Matilda and lots of cups of tea for me. My step-sister and her almost-four-year-old daughter paid us a flying visit one afternoon - it was so cute seeing the girl cousins together for the first time!

And this weekend was Steve's mum's birthday so there has been cake, chocolate infused wine and Granny gifts galore.

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