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After thinking about it for months, I finally got around to giving my blog a makeover. In the past, I've always done my own designs but this time I didn't have the energy or the inclination to google new coding tricks so I bought one from MangoBlogsShop on Etsy. I have fiddled around with it a bit but over all really liked the purchased design. I still need to rewrite my About page, sort a profile picture and give some thought to the sidebar (and I've decided I can't be bothered going back and sorting out the coding on all my book reviews) but, if you're reading this in a feed reader, click through and have a look.

Steve and Matilda at the cinema on Peanuts Movie standee

This has been a big week for Matilda.

Steve and I took her to the cinema for the first time along with Karen and Sorsha. We went to a very busy parent and baby showing of Minions which was a great first film (even if the babies did sleep right through it!). Afterwards, we headed to Starbucks for a coffee, a chat about parenthood and a chance for the girls to peer at one another (which is as close to friendship as babies get).

Matilda and Sorsha meet

I also took her to her first Bookbug session. Bookbug sessions are a half hour of nursery rhymes and storytelling; they take place in libraries all across Scotland.

Matilda was the youngest baby at our local session but only by a month or two. I wasn't sure what she would make of it as she's not really interested in books yet but she spent the half hour staring about her, mouth hanging open in awe. Later that day, she smiled at my singing for the first time so all the nursery rhymes must have made an impression!

And on Friday she rolled over from her front to her back for the first time. This was a huge achievement, particularly as ten weeks old is pretty early to be rolling, but she was cool about the whole thing and seemed baffled as to why I kept flipping her back onto her front - "I just got out of that position, Mum!"

Baby Rooftops Asleep

As for me, I went to Opera in the Park with Steff on Friday. Sadly, after several very hot days, the haar had rolled in. Even with winter clothes on, a blanket over our knees and a thermos of wine to keep us warm, we were freezing! After an hour and a half we retreated to the nice, warm Inn at the Park instead.

Steff and Sarah looking cold at BP Big Screens Opera in Duthie Park

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