Rolling, Rolling... Mushroom and Pesto Puff Pastry Concoction Thingy

You guys, I don't know what's happened to me - I had a baby and now suddenly I'm somebody who posts about cooking as though motherhood has made me domestic or something.

Also, I've started saying "you guys" - this is not the only incident.

But don't worry too much: I had nothing to do with this bit of baking beyond helping to eat it. This is all Steve's doing.

So, yes, not only did Jus-Rol give us samples of their filo pastry sheets and pain(s?) au chocolat(s?) but of their puff pastry sheets, too.

Once again, we were not organised enough to go and find an actual recipe or to have bought specific ingredients so, once again, this was a case of improvising with whatever could be found in our cupboards.

Mushrooms, pesto etc on Jus Rol puff pastry

What could be found in our cupboards was: mushrooms; pesto; sweetcorn; cheddar cheese; spinach; some sort of herbs.

What Steve did was: cook them all up and bung them on top of a puff pastry sheet; bake it for twenty minutes. So easy (apparently).

And this tasted good. Both fresh out of the oven for dinner on Saturday and reheated for lunch on Sunday, it was gorgeous.

Mushrooms, pesto etc on Jus Rol puff pastry

Steve is hugely impressed by Jus-Rol products. He's warned me to expect a run of pastry-based food because suddenly all the recipes which had previously sounded far too complicated have become simple and accessible. Well, that sounds good to me!

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