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Baby sledging on a tray

It's all baby stuff this fortnight - but you were expecting that, right?

Matilda turned eight weeks old on Tuesday (I'll stop counting in weeks soon, I promise!) so she and I both had our big health check ups and she had her first set of injections. Having seen her deal with drips and enjoy an x-ray before, I wasn't too worried about this - I had this ridiculously naive idea that she's just good with medical stuff. Turns out she's good with medical stuff which isn't having needles poked into both thighs when she's not expecting them. She also had a sore tummy for several days afterwards, poor wee thing.

Today is Father's Day. Steve and I have no plans to pay attention to Mother's and Father's Days but the first year feels too significant to ignore - especially as this one is so early on in Matilda's life - so there is a gift, some chocolates which refer to an inside joke and also a tiny T-shirt for Matilda proclaiming her dad to be a superhero. We're going to check out a family fun day in our local park (Matilda is too young for any of the activities but she's - thankfully - starting to find excursions interesting instead of overwhelming) and there may even be a little alcohol later on.

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