Extra: Ordinary Moments

Sarah and Steve selfie in Illicit Still

One day in May, I drank alcohol for the first time in ten months, wore brightly coloured tights for the first time in seven months and my mum babysat Matilda so Steve and I could have our first date since November. We went for a pub dinner after Steve's work, talked about our baby, debated having a second drink ("alcohol... but... so tired...") and were home by half past six - oh, the crazy new parent lifestyle!

Tiny baby hand gripping mum's finger

This week, Matilda had an ultrasound of her hips because they were a bit clicky when she was born (this is really common - Steve and I both had clicky hips as babies). We were a bit nervous about how she would react but she was completely calm throughout and seemed fascinated by the black and white ultrasound images on the screen. And her hips are fine.

Baby vanishing into yellow cardigan

I can't believe that she's six weeks old now. This is supposed to be the toughest week when the crying and any colic symptoms peak but, actually, she has calmed right down - it may not last, of course, but right now she's got a bit of a routine and she's managing to deal with her own wind and to get herself back to sleep at night; I'm still quite weak so I'm having a bit of trouble with all the lifting and carrying but I'm doing a postnatal pilates DVD and am otherwise feeling much more capable. So all in all: family life is good.

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