Aberdeen Bloggers Meet Up

Yesterday, I headed to Rye and Soda for brunch with six other Aberdeen (and Aberdeenshire) bloggers.

There had been several conversations on Twitter recently about the dearth of blogger meet ups in the North East of Scotland (the nearest ones are generally Glasgow and Edinburgh) so Karen from Tiny Bird Heart took the initiative and sorted something out.

Raw strawberry and carrot juice from Rye and Soda restaurant, Aberdeen

Karen and I originally got chatting when we realised that our babies were due within a couple of weeks of one another (you can see her birth announcement here). Despite having been in touch for seven months, this was the first time we met in person and I was excited to put a face to the name.

Rosebud Annie and I have also chatted on Twitter so I was thrilled to finally meet her.

Aberdeen bloggers at Rye and Soda
Picture pinched from Rosebud Annie

The other four bloggers were Amey from Teacups and Buttondrops, Christy from Dinner Stories, Laura from Laura Whispering and Anastasia from Natbee's Fashion - I hadn't "met" any of them before the brunch was organised but I'm so glad I have now; all of their blogs are worth checking out!

Of course, get seven bloggers around a table and there are going to be photos! We were all commenting on how nice it was to be eating with people who didn't find it weird that we were shifting the cutlery around and photographing the food!

And what good food it was. I had pancakes with chocolate sauce and bananas but there were all sorts of "proper" meals, too, including a really interesting children's menu that I expect Matilda will eventually sample. I also had strawberry, carrot, something and something else juice (yeah... that's not what it said on the specials board... I'm out of practice at this. I even forgot to take my camera) and it was lovely.

Pancakes with chocolate sauce and bananas at Rye and Soda restaurant, Aberdeen

Here's hoping this was the first of many Aberdeen blogger meet ups - and if you're a local blogger, get in touch; it would be great to have you along!

On the subject of meeting other bloggers: here's when I met Elise for the first time (and how on earth did I end up not blogging about meeting Andrea and Janet?!).

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