Extra: Ordinary Moments

Sarah Rooftops Mirror Selfie at 38 Weeks Pregnant

Two days away from my estimated due date. I've been saying for weeks that I wanted the baby to arrive on the 9th (first official day of maternity leave; finally being at a stage when going into labour wouldn't mean Steve cancelling any semi-important plans) but apparently childbirth is not that easily scheduled.

Black cat (Gizmo) reading a wardrobe assembly instruction manual

Anyway, the past fortnight has been largely about preparation. The baby's bedroom has been decorated (Dulux "Daffodil White"), the wardrobe has been assembled (thanks to our pal Bruce and also to Gizmo), and I've spent a lot of time pootling around, sorting out baby clothes and blankets and finding homes for the boring, ugly, practical things (one good reason to move onto garishly printed cloth nappies, I think...).

Cat nightlight from Vertbaudet

Incidentally, how cute is this nightlight (bought from Vertbaudet)? We don't have a lot of just-for-fun things (yet) (and I'm very fussy about them) (so please don't gift us any "inspirational" prints) (I mean, thanks for the thought and all, but NO) (in a world where dinosaur toys and chocolates exist, there's just no need) so I'm extra smitten with this one.

Other than that, I've mostly been bouncing on my yoga ball, trying to move things along.

Steve, meanwhile, drove a car for the first time in about a decade this week. I had to give up my driving lessons when my hips got bad but we thought one of us should feel able to get behind the wheel in an emergency; my instructor (a friend of ours) was happy to transfer the three hours I had already paid for over to Steve and give him a quick refresher. It wasn't exactly his favourite experience of the year but he was surprised by how much he remembered.

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  1. Two days?! Wow, scary to think its that time already (although perhaps its felt a lot longer to you - it feels like it was just a couple of months ago that you announced you were pregnant!)

    Loving how intently Gizmo is studying the instructions, hope Bruce appreciated his input....

  2. Hope the baby arrives soon :) I know what you mean about being particular about the fun things, I think I'd be the same! Also, Gizmo reading the instructions - cuuuute! X

  3. So exciting! The wait is so weird that close to the end. Every morning I woke up like, is this the day my life totally changes? Or will it be another day?

  4. I have lost all concept of time.

  5. At least I know there's a two week deadline now. :)

  6. I find myself going, "Oh, no, it's not going to be today - I'd be able to FEEL it somehow" (which I know is unlikely) but still spending the rest of the day idly prodding the bump to see if I can get it kick started...

  7. It really does - can't believe it's this time already.


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