Six Years of Steve and Me

Today is Steve's and my sixth anniversary. Or possibly very early tomorrow morning is - there's no romantic first date story here; we got together after a very long and drunken night of celebrating a mutual friend's birthday. Ben Stiller was there. Here's the proof:

Steve with Ben Stiller

I know, right? Steve with short hair and no beard. If he didn't still wear that T-shirt once a week I'd barely recognise him myself.

Six years. It seems like we've done so much together it should be longer.

I had bought my flat two weeks before we got together; we've been together long enough that he moved in with me and then bought into the mortgage and then we moved to this bigger place which we both had a say in choosing.

He was about to be made redundant and I was fed up of my own job; within weeks, he was into a new, better role and my own career change came just a little while later.

We've made good friends through each other and we've made new friends together and we've known those people long enough to have seen them move to foreign countries and to have visited some of them there.

And now it's our sixth anniversary and we're awaiting the birth of our first child. S/he will be here within a month.

And s/he's going to have a wonderful dad.

Steve and Sarah at the Love Wall in Paris
Our fifth anniversary, Paris.


  1. Aw, Happy Anniversary! :-) xo

  2. Happy anniversary! Wow, don't think I would have recognized Steve in the first photo if you hadn't said - although I recognize Ben Stiller, obviously....

  3. Happy anniversary! It's amazing how much can happen in six years, isn't it?

  4. Happy anniversary! This is so very lovely xx

  5. Happy anniversary, cuties! <3

  6. Oh, Ben, always stealing the limelight...

  7. I can't imagine six years from now. At all.

  8. lovely post and happy anniversary to the both of you!

  9. duck in a dress19 April 2015 at 17:57

    I'm terribly late with this but happy anniversary! xx


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