Not Quite a Mother's Day

Lots of yellow crocuses in the sunshine

Neither Steve nor I come from families which pay much attention to Mother's Day. Either that's because we take our mothers for granted or it's because we make them feel appreciated all year round - you'd have to ask them and, frankly, I'm not sure I dare.

With our own baby, we don't expect Mother's Day and Father's Day to become part of our family traditions. There's a good chance we'll acknowledge them the first year but, beyond that, it doesn't currently feel important to us. I guess we'll see how we feel come 2017...

That said, we did decide to mark Mother's Day this year. Or, rather, we decided to mark "Not Quite a Mother's Day" instead and spend Sunday doing relaxed, grown up, childfree things together as a couple because who knows when we'll next have a chance?!

Sarah Rooftops's pregnancy baby bump at 35 weeks

Obviously, some of the traditional Mother's Day activities are out at the moment. I wasn't going to make it to a spa or a fancy restaurant; lounging in bed is far too uncomfortable for me to appreciate a lie in or my breakfast balanced precariously on a lap tray. But we did still come up with a few ideas.

It was a gorgeous, sunny morning so we replaced "going for a stroll" with "standing in the garden for ten minutes, scattering breadcrumbs and admiring the trillions of crocuses". I also announced that I wanted flowers so Steve cut me a tiny posy.

Bunch of crocuses for Not Quite a Mother's Day
Crocuses in a Meakin cup. Steve pouring ketchup on a sausage sandwich in the background.

We had sausage sandwiches for lunch, for no more detailed reason than we both really fancied one. I'm not sure if Steve was intentionally doing a thumbs up in that photo...

I had a couple of naps, we watched I Give it a Year (which was really pretty awful) and a couple of episodes of Game of Thrones (because we feel the need to finish it before the birth - it doesn't seem entirely appropriate viewing for a newborn...), and we made a nod to practising the labour massage techniques.

St Kitt's Herbery chocolate box

A few weeks ago, St Kitt's Herbery sent me a box of their herb chocolates which I had saved specially (yep, I'm ambushing you with a mini review in the middle of my post. You need to know about these chocolates, though - they're gorgeous).

These are proper grown up chocolates. No soft centres or gallons of sugar here - they have flavours like geranium, lavender and basil along with the more traditional vanilla, orange and peppermint. The box contained one of each flavour so we very carefully bit each one in half and shared them evenly between us. The cinnamon was a particular favourite for both of us.

No kidding - St Kitt's is going to be my go to place for posh chocolates from now on. They also do some really lovely sounding toiletries for those of you who like your skincare scented.

St Kitt's Herbery chocolates

We rounded the day off with an enormous dinner and an early night.

With so much tidying, decorating and furniture assembling going on at the moment, I'm so glad we took a day out to appreciate being together. In no time at all, there will be three of us instead of two; we're both very much looking forward to doing family activities but I hope we can always find a little time to celebrate being a couple, too.

The chocolates were a gift from St Kitt's Herbery but the views are, as ever, my own.


  1. Ooh fancy chocolates look amazing! Jealous of your garden blooms, ours is still a bit bleak!

  2. Sounds like a lovely day. I'm not a big fan of those huge commercialised events, to be honest. I saw my mum on Sunday but we don't do anything like go for lunch (as the rest of the world seemed to be doing by the looks of the traffic!)

  3. Ooh that's a good plan, plus awesome food! The chocolates look yummy :)

  4. That sounds like a lovely day! And I want all of those chocolates please.

    I remember last year (when I was pregnant) everyone said "Happy First Mother's Day" to me but I didn't really want to celebrate it yet. I don't think we'll do much either, but I look forward to maybe some pancakes in bed or something.

  5. Yeah, I don't usually pay much attention to them - we do Christmas because it matters to Steve but, otherwise, they don't feel very relevant.

  6. Ooh, pancakes sound like a good call! I got a couple of "Happy Mother-to-be Day" messages but I was surprised that that had occurred to anyone other than me.


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