Extra: Ordinary Moments

Purple crocus growing in grass

So, two more weeks of waiting for an enormous change in my life. How have I spent them?

Well, I did try to watch the eclipse. Unfortunately, the sun wasn't far enough over to be seen from any of our windows and I was having too bad a day to get down into the garden. I did quite enjoy watching the darkness creeping over the world, though, as though there was an incredible storm looming.

Black cherries in an Arcopal bowl

Last weekend, a decorator we know stripped the wallpaper in the baby's room; this weekend he hung new lining paper; during the week, he'll be painting the walls (truly the height of laziness of our part - wallpapering's one thing but paying someone to do an hour's worth of painting?! I'm a little embarrassed).

I can hardly wait for the room to be ready - the baby might be sleeping in with us for the first wee while, but I'm getting impatient to assemble the wardrobe and arrange all the teeny wee clothes.

Writing on bare plaster walls
Wallpapering tools
There have been several visits from friends over the past two weeks. One brought cake. One drove me to the beach for ice cream. Some brought a third tin of paint for the baby's room (just in case...).

Last night, Bruce came round for an enormous Indian take out. Turns out one of the many Indian takeaways within 50 yards of our flat is awesome. But, after a couple of experiments this week, I can confirm: curry does not start labour.

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  1. So excited for you :) I know I keep saying it but there it is again. :)

  2. Fingers crossed! Have told the bump to hold off until next Wednesday. But no later.

  3. How exciting! :) I love painting personally, but definitely don't blame you for getting someone else to do it! x

  4. Yep, I usually enjoy doing it myself but now's not the time to be all proud and independent about it!

  5. Decorating the baby's room must be so exciting ! Will show us a sneak peek when it'll be done ?
    Sadly we could not see the eclipse here in south of France (all over the country I'm afraid) because of a way too cloudy sky. Oh well !
    Wishing you a wonderful month of April !

    xo, Charlie

  6. There will definitely be photos - not that there's much furniture or anything else to look at... yet!


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