Extra: Ordinary Moments

Forewarning: I tried really hard to think of something non-baby-related to tell you in this fortnight's catch up but - as my entire life is basically hanging around, waiting to become a mother right now - I failed. If that doesn't deter you, read on!

Handmade knitted baby gifts: dinosaur feet booties; cardigan; stripy blanket. Also cat rattles from Ikea.

I am so smitten with this pile of baby gifts from Elise. Our postman was a bit uncertain about delivering a parcel addressed to "Spartacus Rooftops", mind you...!

On that note: the full list of names given to babies in Scotland in 2014 was released last week and I'm slightly irked to see that somebody's beaten us to Spartacus. Not that it was ever a serious contender but it was still our name.

All the names we're genuinely considering appear on the list, too, but we're less worried about them being unique - whatever we choose, we have to be able to shout it across a playground without being filled with self-loathing.

Red and white striped mouse toy for cats

This week, my mum and my sister came to visit for a few days. They drove me to lunch in one of the beach front cafes but, otherwise, it was a case of lazing around the living room, talking babies and eating cake. When I was napping, they headed to the shops or watched a film on Netflix.

On Friday, a friend brought her four week old daughter round and I got to have loads of cuddles with her (and, you know: grown up talk about labour and babies and genderised sleepsuits).

Black cat (Gizmo) against grey carpet

I've gone into proper nesting mode these past couple of weeks. I've been waddling around the house, cleaning everything above waist level and doing my best to tidy up. All the newborn clothes, crib bedding and assorted cloths have been washed and folded and my hospital bag has been packed for a fortnight now.

The carpet was fitted in the baby's room last week, there's a cot (the one Steve slept in as a baby!) and a chair in there and five boxes of wardrobe which we're holding off assembling until the decorating's done. A decorator we know is very kindly squeezing us in around his normal jobs (because Steve doesn't have the time and I don't have the mobility to do it ourselves) so we're not sure exactly when the room will be ready but fingers crossed it's before the baby arrives!

Finally, the aches and pains have changed a lot over the last few days - I'm much more comfortable when I'm seated (hurrah!) but am really struggling to stand or walk or get in and out of bed (boo!). I suspect this means that the baby's making its way towards the exit but that doesn't necessarily mean the birth's imminent - the kid might just take after its mother and prefer to be super-prepared.

Tell me: what's going on out there in the world?

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  1. Glad the nursery is coming together, sounds like you have the most important bits sorted already, carpet looks good and Polly seems to approve :-) You're not missing much, Spring will be up and running in a few weeks when you and Spartacus - erm, baby are ready to greet the world! :-)

  2. Haha, I saw Spartacus on that list and thought of you. Love all the stuff from Elise :)

  3. I remember how before I even got pregnant I was like "I won't blog only about my kid!" then I actually got pregnant and was like...there's nothing else going on in my life right now. Same when she came! haha. I looove those little booties :)

  4. Totally stealing my baby names...

  5. Yeah, I know there's no point fighting it - we're raising whole new human beings; they're going to be the focus of most conversations for a while, right?!

  6. Haha exactly! It's a pretty huge deal.

  7. I really want an adult-sized pair of those booties to wear around the house, they're so ace!

  8. Aren't they great? I'm sure Elise could just upscale her pattern...???


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