Extra: Ordinary Moments

Red plastic monster bowl sitting on a paperback book

Another busy couple of weeks.

I've had one midwife's appointment and four antenatal classes (three of which Steve came along to). I've learnt about clothing babies, feeding babies and the process of squeezing a baby out - I'd be feeling overwhelmed but I now realise just how often my lovely midwife will be visiting us during the first couple of weeks; there's a huge amount of support there and that's very reassuring.

Sarah with black cat (Gizmo) / Miranda July's new novel in hardback

The electricians finished up the last little bit of their job - they were such nice guys and made all the problem solving look kind of fun. If anyone in Aberdeen wants their details, give me a shout.

Steve and I (well: Steve) ripped up the carpet in the second bedroom. We had intended to leave it until we were feeling a bit more flush but, with all the work we've been doing or having done, it had moved past the "we can make do" stage and very much into the "we can't have a baby rolling around on this" one. We discovered gorgeous floorboards underneath it and I'm a little heartbroken to have to cover them back over again but carpet seems the more sensible option for a toddler in an upstairs flat...

Bare feet on bare floorboards
Blue pot of hyacinths

I also had a wee visit from a couple of friends and their kids. Steve and Martin's other best mate (they've been a threesome since they were teeny) was in town last weekend so they were out having some variety of beer-sodden fun. I had a surprise visit from Bruce bearing cake on Friday. And this weekend two different people have driven me off on hot chocolate-related excursions (one with a detour via the dump).

I'll admit: the last couple of weeks have been pretty tough going. Being so active put a lot of strain on my hips which has triggered a great deal of pain and totally worn me out. However we have just three to eight more weeks to wait until the baby is born and I can totally cope with that. Particularly as, other than a handful of midwife appointments (and one comedy show I don't intend to miss), I don't have to leave the house at all.

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  1. It's so awesome that the midwives visit you guys after the baby comes. I think that'll be SO helpful.

  2. Yeah, the system here is great! For the first couple of weeks, the midwife is in and out making sure we're getting the hang of everything; after that, there's a health visitor to give us support right up until the child goes to school.

  3. Yup, whatever anyone may say about the NHS, I've been told that their post-natal support is excellent. I'd pretty much need a midwife to visit me every day for at least the first two years....

    Ahh, that wooden floor is amazing! But no, possibly not with a toddler.

  4. Ha ha! I felt like that at the start of the pregnancy! I think it's so easy to take what we get on the NHS for granted but it's so much more than just a couple of scans and the actual birth - we've had piles of booklets and DVDs, one proper baby book, my "support" belts, all the antenatal classes and there's so much more after the birth, too. We are so, so lucky that all of this is provided for free.

  5. I'd be really tempted by the floorboards too if I had them...but carpet is probably best for now! :-) I can't believe how soon it's happening! Let me know if you fancy a tea/cake/french film day in the next few weeks if you are up to it :-)

  6. Will do! The next couple of weeks are basically out but, if I go overdue, I'll be looking for entertainment!


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