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Snow outside the window / Silhouette of a star

So, it's been all go around here.

Although by "all" I mean "everybody else not me". Obviously.

Some friends carted our old spare bed off to their brand new home (which I can't wait to visit!).

Steve and Martin spent ages boxing up all the stuff in the attic and moving most of it downstairs so the electricians could yank up the carpet and get at the wires.

And the electricians yanked up the carpet and got at the wires. The lighting rewire took a day and a half (the only lights we had to do without overnight were the external ones and the entrance lobby - no big deal); they also tested all of the sockets and electrical fittings (only two of which turned out to have alarmingly avant-garde wiring) and replaced the consumer unit (because the rules say they have to).

They actually have one small job to finish off next week but, otherwise, it all went really smoothly and was much less awful than they had told me it was going to be. We have a few gaps around some of the switches to fill and paint but I was prepared for huge chunks of wall to be missing so it's really not that bad!

Now to await the invoice...

Four stages of a socket rewire

A little over a week ago, Steve and I attended a Relaxation Massage antenatal class which was quite lovely. Not only was it enjoyable for me but it gave Steve some idea of how to help on The Big Day - and that has to be a good thing. As much as pushing a baby out doesn't sound much fun, at least the pregnant women have something to focus on and do; I'd rather that than hanging around, watching my loved one go through labour and trying to find some way to make myself useful.

Black cat (Gizmo) sitting by lampshade / half eaten chocolate cow

Incidentally, today is my sister's birthday. I don't think she reads my blog (although you never know; she looks at Two Days the Same now and then) but I work on the assumption that everyone in my real life stumbles upon it every so often. So just in case: happy birthday, sis!

The rest of you, I thought I'd give a quick (unsponsored, unaffiliated) shout out to the two fab shops where I got her presents: Nottingham based Newton and Apple and Cheshire based Snowdon Design & Craft.

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  1. Glad the re-wiring was less stressful/involved than it could have been. I already read the Chicademic post and enjoyed it :-)


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