Extra: Ordinary Moments

Backlit black cat (Polly) on the dining table

The highpoint of this week was a friend bringing her seven week old baby boy round. What a cutie! He wasn't particularly interested in me but I got to give him lots of cuddles anyway (and was reassured by how well Gizmo took the occasional baby wails). It was lovely to chat to someone about nothing but pregnancy and babies for several hours and not have to worry that I was boring them!

Steff also popped round this week with a big bunch of brightly coloured flowers. She bore all the baby talk well.

Brightly coloured bouquet of flowers

Seeing as we're here anyway, can we just take a moment to acknowledge that it's February? I know blogs are covered in posts about how fast January has passed and by what February means to the blogger but seriously: January has vanished.

People keep asking me if I'm bored, stuck at home all the time. I don't get bored easily (there's always a book to read) but I did expect the days to pass pretty slowly and that doesn't seem to be happening. April (our due date) will be here before we know it.

In the meantime, we have February. February means my sister's birthday and my mum's birthday and one of my best friend's birthdays, which has meant an excuse to do a bit of online shopping and a need to wrap things up prettily and just, generally, to think about three of the women who matter most in my life.

February is also the month when our rewiring gets done and we can start thinking about decorating the baby's room. It's the month when two of our closest friends buy their first home together. It's the month when we have the bulk of our antenatal classes. Those are a lot of significant moments for just twenty-eight little days.

Steve's hands holding stuffed pitta bread

What does February look like for you?

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  1. What's in the pita? I must know! January flew by indeed.

  2. Normally by the end of January, Christmas feels like it was ages ago but this year it feels like only a fortnight or so ago. Weird.

    Love the flowers, the colours are so bright and summery :)

  3. Sounds like an excellent month planned. I'm so glad that January is over! February for me started with a gorgeous beach walk on a rare sunny day, and it continues with my mum visiting, a couple of friends birthdays, and some little decorating projects in the flat.

  4. Sounds like a lovely month ahead!

  5. Such a great sounding month for you. I am excited for February as it is all change month round here and I get older (which I am good with) and it is Chinese New Year which I am really into and have been for years and years - I think it is a better time of year for New Year than the regular one!

  6. Ooh, yes - it makes much more sense to have new year when the first flowers are coming out and the birds are nesting and everything's getting ready to start afresh!


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