teapigs Matcha Challenge

teapigs Matcha Challenge set
Yes. Yes this is a review post. But it's about tea and we all know how important that is so bear with me.

So. When teapigs offered to send me a tin of their Matcha tea, I snapped up the offer. As previously mentioned, our flat has a whole cupboard dedicated to tea - Steve and I are not ones to turn up our noses at new flavours.

Then I had a little freak out about drinking anything even mildly caffeinated during my pregnancy (hot chocolate excluded because hot chocolate is so full of calcium that it's essential for the baby's growing bones). I did a lot of reading up, though, and had soon reassured myself that the 30mg of caffeine in a mug of Matcha is well within the recommended daily limit. Phew!

Mug of hot water, scoop of teapigs Matcha
Stirring teapigs Matcha into "Happy" mug

Then my parcel turned up complete not just with a tin of Matcha, a calendar for tracking my two week #matchachallenge (check out the hashtag - people are getting really into this) and a cute little pin badge, but with a shot glass, measuring spoon and frothy whisky thingy, too. You can buy the kit here. I mean, once I've finished telling you about it. Don't just wander off in the middle of our conversation, eh?

Anyway, I opened up the tin of Matcha and this little cloud of green dust swirled out. It looked fab. I wished I'd known to photograph it. It was like some sort of magical potion from The Wizard of Oz. I loved it.

But the Matcha was bright green, too. BRIGHT GREEN. I am suspicious of all green food and drink products. Even sweets. I will eat them but I've never quite grown out of my childhood conviction that anything green is too worthy to be fun.

When I was very little, I was once made to dress up as a brussel sprout for a village gala. There may be some lingering vegetable-related identity issues going on.

The Matcha also smelt like spinach. Check the "what have I got myself into?" doubt on my face before I took my first gulp:

About to try Matcha tea / shot of Matcha

As it turned out, though, it tasted pretty good - fresh and healthy; no bizarre aftertaste. And if you don't like mugs of green liquid, it can also be mixed into juices and milk and smoothies and food (again: see the hashtag - there are loads of people being more creative than me).

Now, Matcha sells itself as being super healthy. The bumph will tell you how great the majority of people feel after consuming Matcha daily for two weeks. They have better skin, better hair, more energy - all sorts of good stuff. That may well be true - it only occured to me after signing up for my own two week challenge that I'm not exactly the best person to go testing out health related claims at the moment. I was just hitting trimester three of my pregnancy so no amount of green juice was going to make me bouncy and glowy.

But what I can tell you is that I'm quite limited in what I can drink right now. Fruity and minty drinks are giving me rotten heartburn. Milk's making me gassy. Even water's making me feel a bit queasy. But Matcha I can drink. The flavour and the consistency somehow seem to work for me.

Which makes it a win in my blog book.

teapigs Matcha Challenge

So, yes, as I said, you can get your own complete Matcha kit here (at the time of writing, there's 20% off if you use the code MATCHA15). You can also follow the very lovely teapigs people on Twitter and Facebook and sign up for their newsletter, too.

And let me know if you like it! I'm curious to hear if you feel the benefit, too.


  1. Oh man this hashtag is all over Twitter! I'm curious about this, I love me some green tea but I'm also super fussy about what I eat so...maybe I'd like it. But I'd probably have to eat veg and stuff to be properly healthy and I'm not sure that's worth it ;)

  2. Ha ha! I suppose healthy drinks with your pretzels are better than nothing. WHEN ARE WE HAVING PRETZELS AGAIN?!

  3. OMG PRETZELS! I've not had them in ages, I make a great effort to avoid there when I'm in town! Soooon. Maybe I could come to Aberdeen when the snow disappears :)

  4. I LOVE matcha! Hadn't spotted that hashtag, must check it out.

    And why a brussel sprout?!

  5. There's STILL no snow here. If you want to escape it, this is the place to be.

    That said, if you come to Aberdeen before April you'll have to drive me to the pretzel place... Maybe plan a day trip for nearer your birthday? I'll try to keep the baby talk to a minimum. :)

  6. I'm not entirely clear on that myself... I think the theme of the gala was fruit and vegetables... and my mum had some spare green velvet lying around...?

  7. Ha I'd still drive you there anyway! I like that plan though, Aberdeen in summer :)


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