How I did with January's List of 31 Things

"Joys" painted on a lintel in Edinburgh

At the end of last year, I wrote a list of 31 little things to do in January in place of lofty resolutions. Here's how I got on with them:
  1. Drink lots of water.
  2. I drank lots of water. Lots and lots of water. Not much more I can say about this one!
  3. Invest in new bedding.
  4. I bought sheets for the baby's crib. My mum also turned up with a couple of gorgeous crib-sized knitted blankets and we know of at least one full sized one on the way!
  5. Do that one tiny DIY job you keep avoiding.
  6. This month has been ALL ABOUT the home improvements.
  7. Put food out for the birds.
  8. We've been making a habit of this over the winter. Steve even bought them a bag of dead worms (yuck).
  9. Overdress.
  10. I wasn't entirely sure how to go about this one. My outfits at the moment are either jeans-and-a-T-shirt or jersey-dress-and-tights; I'm not leaving the house much and I don't fit into my party clothes. Eventually, I figured that adding an unnecessary belt or a necklace would do - if nobody's going to see my accessories I'm wearing them purely for my own enjoyment and that has got to count.
  11. Clear out your blog reader. 
  12. Done. Though I still seem to be following around 100 blogs?!
  13. Send a thank you card.
    I've spent a lot of this month saying thank you but haven't sent anything through the post. Do tweets count?!
  14. Make that appointment you've been procrastinating about. 
  15. My original plan was to register with a new dentist but I decided that could wait until I'm more mobile. For now, I'm going to count my midwife booking me onto my antenatal classes!
  16. Throw out your uncomfortable shoes. Life's less fun when your feet hurt.
  17. Not only did I donate five pairs of shoes I'll never wear again, I filled three carrier bags with old clothes I no longer need.
  18. Follow a new recipe.
  19. I delegated this one to Steve...
  20. Use something you usually save for best.
  21. Get some fresh air.
    I happened to have a doctor's appointment on the twelfth so I did indeed go outdoors. I've been trying to get out into the garden every couple of days, too - I walk to the end of the path, admire the primulas, breathe deeply and get back into the warmth as quickly as possible!
  22. Have an early night.
    I had several this month!
  23. Chuck out your tatty underwear.
    I did this in December so: done! 
  24. Ditch the junk emails. 
    I'm pretty on top of this, anyway, so there were only a couple to clear out.
  25. Dance like nobody's watching.
    There was some wiggling to our Party Mix during and after the Burns Supper.
  26. Stargaze.
    Out the window but: yes.
  27. Snack healthy.
    I have been eating a lot of fruit... and cake... and shortbread... I'm going to give myself a big tick for this one, anyway.
  28. Get your favourite photos printed.
    I had our annual photobook printed.
  29. Switch one caffeinated drink for fruit/mint/ginger/green tea today.
    I'm pretty much off the caffeine at the moment.
  30. Clear out your old cosmetics.
    I did this in December so, yup, the bathroom is free of dusty old bottles.
  31. Repair one of the things in your mending pile.
  32. Update your About Me page/LinkedIn profile/Etsy profile/any other online showcase of yourself.
    Sort of. I wanted to update my blog design this month but found I couldn't sit at my proper laptop and faff around with Photoshop for long enough to get anything done. Instead, I just turned everything green and fiddled around with the menus a bit. I also did a bit of rewording of the About, Contact and T&Cs sections.
  33. Look into better bank accounts. If you find one, actually apply for it.
    Done! Our joint account was fine but my personal account wasn't paying me any interest any more and I had been meaning to look for an alternative accounts for ages. It took me all of five minutes to switch to a better account online and all of my direct debits etc should hopefully have been transferred by now.
  34. Bake something tasty.
    Yip! Coconut ice
  35. Make a big fuss of your pets or, if you don't have pets, walk a friend's dog.
    The cats are LOVING having somebody at home with them all day.
  36. Get up early and make an effort with breakfast.
  37. Leave something silly for a stranger to find.
  38. Check all the best before dates in your kitchen cupboard.
    Much to Steve's horror, yes, a load of stuff which went out of date a year ago ended up in the bin. There will be some attempt to be more careful about our shopping in the future.
  39. Add some sparkle to your outfit.As with the "overdress" suggestion, necklaces and sparkly belts were worn.
  40. Write a big list of FUN things to do with the rest of the year.
I'd say that's not bad going. How did you get on?


  1. You did really well! I think I need one of these for Feb., otherwise the month will slip by just like Jan. did!

  2. I ditched so many out of date things from 2012 and 2013 that should never have moved to Scotland with us. I also danced in my bedroom (so um, nobody was watching) and painted my table pink.I'm focussing on dressing up next week and I did a LOT of walking which I loved. So not bad. Impressed by how much you did with your lack of mobility!

  3. You did loads! I think I'll need to steal some ideas from the list...

  4. Done! eek. It was really much harder to think of things for myself that other people might also want to do than I'd anticipated! Thanks for the inspiration/idea sharing, hope I've attributed ok?!


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