Frosty Blue Coconut Ice

Blue and white coconut ice for frosty, frozen days

Yesterday, I was really in the mood to do some baking but I had one proviso: it had to take absolutely no effort. No beating of ingredients. No wielding of rolling pins. No kneading of dough. Definitely no attempting to take things in or out of the oven (I should upload a video of myself trying to kneel down at the moment. It invariably ends with me falling over, Humpty Dumpty style. And I'd prefer if that wasn't into the cooker).

What better, then, than coconut ice? It takes one bowl, two spoons, one baking tray and roughly five minutes of your time. It must be one of - if not the - easiest treats to make and it would sate my ongoing coconut craving.

As an added bonus, I felt pretty chuffed when I realised that the name coconut ice and yesterday's frosty weather would make a good combination. Like I was a proper baking blogger who thought about times of the year and themes and whatnot, rather than someone who simply decided to witter on about her biannual foray into the kitchen.

Mixing ingredients for coconut ice - very easy to make

So, yes, for those of you who have never made coconut ice before, here's how you do it:

350g dessicated coconut
350g icing sugar
400g condensed milk (a 395g can of Carnation is fine - these measurements are all rough guides)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
A few drops of food colouring (usually pink)

How to make it
Mix everything except the food colouring in a bowl.
Slop half the mixture onto a baking tray in a roughly rectangular shape.
Stir the food colouring into the remaining mixture.
Slop the coloured mixture on top of the white stuff.
Bung it in the fridge for a couple of hours.
Cut it into pieces.

Could that be any easier?

Coconut ice is traditionally pink and white but I got it into my head that blue and white would look... icier? So that's what I went with.

I admit, it was a bit odd looking at a pile of blue coconut but it tasted exactly the same. By which I mean: absolutely gorgeous.

How to make blue and white coconut ice

I'm still craving coconut, though. That bit didn't work.

How to make blue and white coconut ice Frozen style


  1. Ooh this looks delicious! (Oddly, since I'm not sure blue food should be delicious...but I bet this is) :)

  2. Well, the blue has no flavour but I did have a moment of looking at it going, "This is not right..." Then I ate some and it was GOOOOOOOD.

  3. Agreed, it looks delicious! The colour is amazing (and I love how its colour co-ordinated with your bowl and scales!)

  4. This sounds so good! I'm a big fan of coconut and simple preparation is always nice too. :)

  5. Ha ha! Yeah, spot Sarah's favourite colour, anyone...?

  6. SO good. Let me know if you try it. :)

  7. I've never tried this but it looks lovely and I like the ease of preparation too! I like the blue, it's pretty!

  8. Try it sometime - you could totally get a "British traditions" blog post out of it. ;-)

  9. I read this yesterday and immediately but the ingredients on my shopping list... but got to Morrisons today, and they were out of desiccated coconut :(((( So sad, I was dreaming about that delicious coconut ice!

  10. Oh yum. I might have to make this for my birthday. I could do TWO COLOURS. I am excessively excited about this.

  11. possibly the traditional pink and also blue but maybe yellow too? So many options!

  12. I had no idea this stuff was so easy to make, totally going to do some in purple and blue for when I go to visit my friend and her Frozen-obsessed daughter next weekend :)


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