Extra: Ordinary Moments

Self-portrait, low sun, dark background

I'm still all about our lighting circuit. I had hoped that at least one honest-seeming electrician would poke at the rubber wiring and scoff at the very suggestion that it needed replaced but, sadly, that was not to be.

The quotes are painful. So painful. I mean, they're not as much as the new roof was and they're not quite as much as the new boiler was but it's a four figure sum. And not one which starts with a one.

On the bright side, a bit of financial fretting was the push we needed to sort out a better deal on our life insurance and for me to get a new bank account (quickly, while I could still tick "I earn a living" and "I have no dependants" on the application form).

We won't be re-carpeting the baby's room quite as soon as we had expected but that's okay - the projectile bodily fluids may as well land on something which is already stained.

Bird on snowy wall
Sleeping black cat, Polly

Although Burns Night is technically tonight, we had our Burns Supper yesterday on the grounds that at least three out of the five people present would be consuming a little too much whisky for a Sunday evening.

Steve cooked up haggis (both meaty and veggie), mash (cheesy, oniony and neepy), stovies, sausages (for the one person who - until last night - thought she didn't like haggis) and oatcakes. Having learnt our lesson previously, we gave the cranachan a miss and made do with shortbread and ice cream for afters.

I've got to admit: neither Steve nor I paid any attention to Burns Night until a few years ago; it became A Thing in our household when we realised it was basically all about food.

Speaking of food, here are some of his recent cooking experiments:

Homemade lentil soup
Healthy pasta

Other than that, life has been about keeping cosy. A teeny bit of snow finally arrived in Aberdeen so Steve and the neighbours have been out gritting pavements and I've been... uh... drinking hot tea.

What have you been up to?

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  1. The rewiring: ouch. Bad times. It's the one thing I hate about owning a place: oh to be able to phone the landlord like we used to! I find it a great help to have Thomas here now, though. I loved living here alone for those five years, but being the only one responsible when things went wrong was a big burden to shoulder.

  2. I'm sure rental properties didn't fall apart as much as the ones I've owned! We've known the wiring needed done "at some point" for ages now - it's just the looming baby deadline pushing us to get it done. We haven't got the roof money back from downstairs yet, though (neighbour died after work was agreed; solicitors still waiting for court approval to make payment from her account), so it's not exactly great timing...

  3. Oh no, sorry to hear about the neighbour. Is she the one who was really nice and helpful?

  4. Yes, she was so lovely! It all happened quite suddenly at the start of last year.

  5. That is painful! (the re-wiring). I think my landlord's brother is an electrician but I have no idea if he'd be any better, I think it's just Aberdeen awful pricing as usual :-( I just cannot get into haggis, I have tried and failed (veggie is o.k. but not on my current diet anyway). So David is having haggis two nights in a row, which he seems happy enough with!

  6. Sadly, when you work out two people's wages over three days plus the cost of parts, it's not completely unreasonable. :(

  7. Urgh, rewiring. We were lucky in that the previous owner had rewired this house (although my dad's a retired electrician so I like to think we could have had it rewired on the cheap if we'd needed to). We had haggis for Burns night too (well, I did. Adam had chicken fillets, he's not a haggis fan). I'd never bothered with it much either, but yes, Things about Food are always worth getting into.

    Also, what make/model of camera is that? It looks vaguely like a Fuji model I have my eye on....

  8. It's a Samsung NX300 - I love it. Most of the versatility of an SLR without the bulk.

    My first bridge camera was a Fuji Finepix, though, and it was very good (for its time).

  9. It looks cool aswell, which is a bonus. I love the slightly retro look.

    Trying to buy a new camera just now but its soooo hard!! I keep changing my mind...

  10. Yeah, I spent ages comparing reviews before settling on this camera - to be honest, they're all such high spec these days, I don't think it makes a whole lot of difference which you go for! I knew I wanted manual controls and to be able to change lenses and there were plenty of cameras which would have done the job (it was the slightly retro look which swung it).

  11. Rewiring is not a nice thing. But it is a thing worth doing. Just not exciting or pretty or fun.

    And food is the best. Always. I've been being cold, sleeping and being ill. It is all go round here.

  12. Yeah, I'm not looking forward to it AT ALL but at least it's booked now and we can stop wondering if the ceilings are about to catch fire.

    Oh no, hope you're feeling better soon. x

  13. As for "The quotes are painful. So painful. I mean, they're not as much as the new roof was and they're not quite as much as the new boiler was but it's a four figure sum. And not one which starts with a one." - that's a familiar sentiment.

    I mean when my boiler broke and it wasn't viable to get it repaired, I needed a new one but I was truly shocked by how much a new boiler would cost! So all I could do was try and ring around some local firms, things was they wanted a fee just to come out and quote me a price. In the end, I tried one last firm called STL Heating. I was expecting the same old "fee" but then they told me they do a free boiler quote, well I thought it's worth a go I suppose. So they came out and did a price that was a relief (a lot less than other places) so I've got them to fit my new boiler tomorrow !


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