Extra: Ordinary Moments

Polly, little black cat's ear. Face hidden by tail.
Introduction to Viv Albertine's autobiography, Clothes Clothes Clothes, with a quote from Bruce Lee. Viewed on a Kindle.

We finally got sick of the bulbs blowing in the dining room chandelier. We could never decide if it was amazingly retro or amazingly hideous but we hung onto it because it would occasionally shine rainbows across the walls and the ceiling.

Enough, though. It had to go. We had had one too many dinners by candlelight and flashing plastic animal. It was time to call an electrician.

More depressingly, if I was calling electricians anyway, it was time to be all grown up and sensible and remove a threat to Baby Rooftops's life. We knew the lighting circuit (just the lighting circuit, thankfully) was old rubber wiring; we bit the bullet and arranged some quotes for rewiring it.

We do not expect them to put smiles on our faces.

Light shining on a ribbed copper shade.
Glowing plastic animals lighting a dining room table

In other tales of the flat disintegrating, this week Gizmo managed to tear the living room blinds to pieces by falling off the windowsill.

On the bright side, though, last weekend Laura took our stack of flattened cardboard and our broken blender to the recycling point and carted a few bags of cast off clothes to a charity shop.

Yesterday, Bruce came round and helped us dismantle the spare bed (which is going to live with some friends in their brand spanking new house) and a quadruple wardrobe (which we presume the previous residents abandoned because they couldn't be bothered to take the thing apart). So at least there's some visible progress.

Gizmo, black cat, watching stormy weather out the window

The cats spent one day this week trying to catch the leaves blowing past the window. Through the glass.

Aberdeen's actually got off pretty lightly this season - we had a few wild and windy days during the storm but, over all, it's been bright and still and sunny. I was feeling a bit cheated because we've only had about an hour of snow all winter but now I'm feeling ready for the spring - the snowdrop and crocus leaves are already filling our flowerbeds and some daisies have appeared in the grass. I even gave my springtime Pinterest board some love. I'm ready for the flowers.

Fingers crossed we don't now have two months of rain... I don't believe in jinxes, I don't believe in jinxes...

And tell me: what's new with you?

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  1. Those animal lights!!!! I need some!

    Urgh, hope the rewiring doesn't cost too much (although its fair to say you can't put a price on Baby Rooftops's safety....). And yay to friends helping you get rid of shit :)

    We've had more snow than you, not sure if that's something to brag about but it is unusual as its normally worse down your way. We just have wind and rain now - but we've got leaves poking through the borders aswell, woo!

  2. It's funny - there can be loads of snow five miles out of the city but we rarely get any in the city. People tell me it's because we're coastal but so is Edinburgh and it seems to get much more than us! That said, after me posting this, we *have* had a couple of flurries this afternoon...!

    The dinosaur light was from B&Q about a year ago; I think Steve got the pig from Amazon - there's a whole range of glowing animals on there!

  3. A quadruple wardrobe?! I wish I had space for that! Also I'm still laughing at the daft things the cats do :)

  4. Yeah, we have no right to complain about lack of space. Ever.

  5. I lived in Aberdeen from 2011 to 2012 and thought it was the sunniest, shimmeriest place ever during winter time. Tales of the previous winter's 4-month snow-in had admittedly lowered my expectations :) I love snow in theory but in practice it adds several decades to me and I practically crawl along the footpaths for fear of slipping and breaking a leg! Sounds like you've had a busy house week so I hope it goes easy on you for the rest of the year. Oh and snap on the April baby due date :)

  6. Oh, congratulations! I've just had a look through your blog and it is LOVELY - looking forward to following along as your wee one arrives and grows. :)

  7. It's raining in Bristol. I don't even have to look out of the window, because there's a 90% chance I'm right. And also it's cold. And people in the flats around me are partying, while my flatmates are off on their trip. Boo hoo.

    I think this post would benefit from more pictures of the cats. I am away from mine, so I live vicariously through people who have cats with them. Gimme more kitties is what I'm saying.

  8. Ha ha! These black cats of ours are tricky to photograph - the camera doesn't want to focus on them and they are reluctant models - but I'll see what I can do for next time...!

  9. Little things and baby steps can feel huge. I'm slowly reclaiming the coffee table and tidying little by little until our home looks more like it does in my head. Otherwise it is being pretty low key round here right now and I like it that way.

  10. The ongoing battle against cluttered coffee tables is a familiar one!


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