Extra: Ordinary Moments

Rolls of shiny wrapping paper

We have just been through the festive season without any TV reception.

The signal vanished the same morning O2 and Vodafone switched on their new 4G antenna in the building directly across the road from us so we had hoped that that was the problem. It would have been easily solved with one of those free filter thingies but, alas, the filter arrived on the 31st and we still can't get the BBC. So. One more phone call has been added to our lengthy to do list.

On the grand scale of things, Christmas without TV signal is not a disaster. It's less of a crisis than the year our shower packed in on Christmas Eve (try finding an affordable plumber over the Christmas break) or the time our front door lock broke on the first day of Trades Fortnight (Trades Fortnight is when every single Aberdeen tradesperson sods off to Tenerife*).

Also, we barely watch live TV these days. Mostly we watch Netflix. So: not the end of the world.

But I was kind of hoping that this would be the Christmas I'd stumble across Elf on the telly and find out what the rest of the lifestyle blogging world is making such a fuss about.

It was a little odd listening to the Hogmanay bells on the radio, too. Seeing in New Year without televised fireworks from Edinburgh? Strange.

*I exaggerate. They don't all go to Tenerife. The really successful ones go to Florida instead.

Frost on a car roof
Frost on shed roof, moon in the sky

What we did do for Hogmanay - secure in the knowledge that I was too sleepy and too immobile to go to any parties or to wait for late night taxis - was, uh, sit on the sofa watching the Dr Who Christmas special on the Xbox.

I'm glad we were at home. There were fireworks going off all around the neighbourhood and Gizmo was freaking out. His yellow and black eyes were as big as bumblebees and he spent most of the night alternately running around my ankles and hiding behind the sofa.

Polly, on the other hand, slept right through.

As for us, between hearing the baby's heartbeat that morning, Steve feeling so many kicks that evening that we were both in fits of giggles and our enormous excitement about what this year holds in store, midnight felt kind of emotional. It's the first time I've ever felt excited about the change of the year and that's a lovely place to be.

Baby bump, week twenty five / Gizmo, black cat, snoozing

In other news, Steve doesn't usually get the Christmas period off work so this year he made the most of it by trying out loads of new recipes (and playing lots of computer games). Highlights were a spicy apple porridge, Christmas spice cookies and crusty rolls. So good!

Bowl of porridge with cooked apples and raisins on top
Christmas Spice Cookies
Crusty Rolls from James Morton recipe


  1. Yummeee! Well, I don't do porridge but the rest sounds good ;) I don't get the hype about Elf, it's good but not a patch on Muppet Christmas Carol. And yay for baby stuff!

  2. I do love Elf but yep, agree with Elise that Muppet Christmas Carol is still better. My TV reception has been anywhere from fair to poor to appalling over the past couple of years, since something - I forget what - was switched on (or off) locally. I'm becoming ever-more tempted to get rid of the aerial cable and the TV license and just use on-demand and Netflix.

  3. Those rolls look delicious! (As does the other food, but there's something about fresh baked bread.) Also, you taught me something new! I had never heard of Hogmanay and had to look it up. :)

  4. Mmm, they all look delicious! I do sometimes wish that Adam was the 'cooker' in our relationship, I can't imagine having those things made for me!!?

    TV sucks, I have a draft blog post about it that I must finish soon. And I've never seen Elf either so I'm in the dark about that too :)

    Glad you had a nice Hogmanay, ours was lovely and quiet aswell which was just what we needed. And look at that baby bump! :D

  5. Elf is not on TV these days anymore (Sky have it) so you would not have stumbled on it alack. That porridge looks immense.

  6. I know! I get a surprise every time I look in the mirror!

    Yeah, there's not much I watch on TV - as long as somebody lets me know when the new series of Supernatural is on 4OD, I'm happy enough without!

  7. They were SO TASTY.

    Oh yeah, we Scots make a bit deal out of Hogmanay; we get the first two days of the year as public holidays because it takes that long to recover.

  8. Yeah, I'm the same - we almost never watch TV so I'm in no rush to get it sorted and I'm tempted to do without altogether. But if ever I'm going to sit around making the most of my license fee it's the two weeks over Christmas!

  9. I don't usually like porridge (weird texture) but I stole quite a lot of Steve's breakfast that day!

  10. I (may) take you up on that... You'll need to come round and do the French double bill sometime soon, too. :)

  11. Definitely! Oh I got Supernatural wrong, it's on Tuesday. Tonight is Broadchurch (Tennant! ;-0)


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