What We Did on Our Week Off Work

Bruce drilling a hole in the wall

Called in some favours from friends (Martin helped us assemble the buggy; Bruce stepped in and helped with assorted Two Person DIY Jobs when I was too sore).

Buggy being assembled
Sarah with hot water bottle shoved in maternity jeans / Steve reading a cookbook

Found new, unadvertised uses for maternity jeans. Read a lot.

Unwrapped Steve's birthday presents. Unwrapped my birthday presents. Wrapped presents for other people.

Lots of wrapping paper
Stacks of wrapped parcels
Laptop, hot water bottle and cushion on a dining room chair
Christmas baubles in a Kilner jar / Sarah asleep on the sofa with a cat
Dishes, phone, Kindle and cardboard Christmas tree
Clementine peel / a tiny birthday present
Raindrops on a window pane

Took it easy. Hung out with the cats. Fed Steve's parents. Ate lots of cake.

Made paper chains. And a Christmas tree. Had tiny bursts of festive decorating enthusiasm.

Tiny Christmas tree amongst pictures on a wall
Sellotape stuck along edge of table
Cardboard Christmas tree
Black bauble
Coconut soup

And generally relaxed.


  1. I like it! Plus I love every time you post pics with you and Steve and I get to coo over your matching curls ;)

  2. What a nice week! Gotta love some uninterrupted time together.

  3. Ha ha! They're about the same length at the moment, too.


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