Tales from the Rooftops Residence #2

This past month, Steve and I made our second most extravagant purchase ever (our most extravagant purchase ever was a dining room which makes me feel like we're pretending to be 1970s adults).

We bought a Roomba.

Note: This is not an advert. Hence the lack of asterixes and links. It's just my monthly waffle about things I haven't otherwised blogged but which felt significant at the time. Yep, I'm excited about a posh vacuum cleaner. 1970s adult once again.


We had been trying to justify a Roomba ever since watching that episode of Parks and Recreation; we finally talked ourselves into it because I'm currently banned from vacuuming (the bright side of pregnancy hip problems!) and Steve wasn't allowed to vacuum for six weeks after his operation. The layers of cat hairs and scattered litter pellets were becoming a bit of an issue.

And, frankly, if it's possible for both of us to be medically prohibited from vacuuming for a month and a half, it can't be very good for you, can it?

Let me tell you: the Roomba was worth every penny. Not only is it time and labour saving but it has removed the one real source of tension from our relationship ("no, it's your turn to do the crappiest household chore"). I know right before Christmas is probably the wrong time to tell you how amazing a very expensive gadget is but there you have it: it is.

My mum and her husband came to visit last weekend. Steve cooked lots of nice food and, as usual, my mum utterly thrashed us at Scrabble. She's in full on grandmother mode now so we have a sizeable mountain of baby items in the corner of the living room. At this rate, the baby's going to cost us nothing but my career the love of our cats sleep.

Continuing the theme of people giving me amazing homemade gifts, my mum had a wee bit of wool to use up so she knitted me these stripy wrist warmers.

Blue and red wrist warmers

One of my favourite colour combinations!

And I finally got around to hanging this painting which my friend, Simon Hepple, did for me as a housewarming gift six years ago (to clarify: I just got around to hanging it in this flat; it had pride of place in the old one!) (also, he tells me he has a competition running on his Facebook page):

Our mantelpiece

Incidentally, those pom-poms turned up in an anonymous jiffy bag late last year but I know fine well they're from Elise! I hung them up for Christmas last year then loved them so much that I never took them down.

The "I Love You" photo is one of my own.

And speaking of love: it's Steve's birthday tomorrow. I'm so excited to spend this coming year with him!

Right now, in particular, I'm excited about spending this coming week with him. We have a tradition of taking the week between his and my birthday off work and this year is no exception - the plan is a mixture of DIY, cinema trips, meals out and lazing around and (other than perhaps the DIY bit) I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing.


  1. Ahem...well...Tam made one of them ;) also yay for more knitted gifts! I love your week off plan, I seriously can't wait to have Christmas off for SLEEP

  2. I so, so want a Roomba as I detest vacuuming. Thomas says we don't need one, and as vacuuming is largely his job, I've reluctantly agreed on the condition he continues to do it all! How often does it need emptying? That's his biggest argument against one, but as our vacuum is bloody useless and needs emptying constantly anyway, I don't see how it'll be worse.

    Have a good week off work! I hope your back gets better in time for your birthday.

  3. I also detest hoovering. I've been contemplating a Roomba, but I'm a bit of an "I really hate this so I'm going to do it properly" kind of girl and end up pulling out furniture to get behind it when I do hoover, and the thought of all the dust clumping out of sight and having to do that anyway puts me off!

  4. Hmm... yes... I get that urge maybe twice a year...?

  5. It does need emptying after each clean BUT it compacts all the dirt down into one small lump so it's really easy to do - there's no dust flying all over the place or faffing around trying to upend a huge tub into a plastic bag. Our *standard* vacuum is a Dyson animal hair one and the Roomba does a MUCH better job of picking up the cat hairs so I'm totally sold.

  6. LOVE the colours in the wrist warmers! I really need a new vacuum - I was thinking about a cordless one but now I'm wondering about a Roomba....

  7. The only thing it can't do is stairs... Other than that, definitely recommended!


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