My Birthday

Stack of books

Yesterday was my birthday.

I'm 36 now which surprises me because I've spent the last year convinced I was 36 already. That said, I gave up worrying about what age I am when I was in my mid-twenties and realised it was too late to be one of those teen prodigy novelists; I could also rant for quite some time about people's insistence on saying things like, "Twenty-one again, eh?" to women, as though the passing of time is something which should shame and embarrass us. But I'll skip that for today.

Today, I'll just bask in having had a quiet, relaxed day of feeling loved.

I received a stack of gorgeous books, assorted means of keeping myself warm, some chocolates and a gold elephant teapot which I had hinted about VERY HEAVILY on Facebook (so heavily I was a little concerned I might receive six of them. But not overly so. Because a herd of gold elephant teapots would be an amazing decorative touch, right?).

Me with piles of presents
First cartoon in "Tiny Book of Tiny Stories volume 1"
Gold elephant teapot

Our friend, Graeme, has the same birthday as me and, because Steve's birthday was a week ago and Graeme's wife, Laura's, birthday is next week, the four of us went out for a December Babies' Brunch.

What with the current state of my back, there was some discussion about having the brunch at our place but I really, strongly, badly, urgently wanted to leave the house once on my week off. We decided to go to Giraffe in Union Square, the theory being that there is plenty of parking so I wouldn't have to walk far. Well, the short amount of walking was pretty awful but the passenger seat in Laura's car is the most comfortable thing I've sat on in about a month so: win some, lose some. The meal was fun.

Steve and me in Giraffe

And a huge shout out to Steve for not only buying me a box of chocolate coated marzipan (he hates marzipan; he doesn't want to share; it's mine all mine) but also for getting me a banana birthday cake (he hates bananas but ate his slice without pulling a single disgusted face).

I think that man's a keeper.

Cake and candles on vintage plate


  1. Okay I have to admit I was like "how cool could a teapot be?" but yup, that's a pretty great teapot.

  2. Look at your little belly! AHH! Happy birthday, it looks like a lovely one :)

  3. Yeah, I'm not even the big tea drinker in this house but I couldn't resist that elephant,

  4. Ha! Not so little! I keep forgetting it's there and then catching sight of myself in the mirror and... WHOA! That is one big bump!

  5. Happy birthday! That teapot really is adorable. :)

  6. Happy (belated!) Birthday!! I was convinced your birthday was Sunday, I think its because Steve and I are the same day, so in my head it made sense that you and Adam should be the same day :S . Anyway, glad you had a lovely day :)

    The teapot is awesome, and yes, a herd of them would have been cool!

  7. Same! In my head, Adam's birthday should have been the 12th.

  8. Happy belated birthday! Today is the first day I've been able to sit up and do anything on my laptop, otherwise I would have been much less tardy with the greetings. Slightly OT, but I adore the dark grey (green? blue?) of the walls in your flat, it looks so cosy.

  9. It's fabulous, and such a good idea in a dark room.

  10. Incredibly belated but happy birthday! As mine was the 13th and yours is the 12th, I think I can safely say all the best people were born in the middle of December :-) xx

  11. A belated happy birthday to you, too! I reckon about 50% of the people who matter most to me have December birthdays - there's definitely something special about this time of year. :)


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