Festive Flowers from Floric


How pretty are these roses?!

Recently, Floric offered to send me a bunch of flowers from their festive selection and I jumped at the chance - especially as I realised they would be arriving the week of my birthday! They might be intended as Christmas gifts but us December babies need to grab our share of the sparkles where we can.

Red rose

As it happened, the timing couldn't have been better. I woke up on Saturday morning in an enormous amount of [pregnancy-related] pain; I couldn't stand up without Steve's help and I couldn't sit in one position for more than twenty minutes without wanting to cry.

A huge bunch of flowers arriving with the morning's post went some way to cheering to me up.

Peach rose
Red rose
Vase with notecard

Floric had offered me a choice of bouquets; I opted for the autumnal roses because I like bright colours and I knew I had a vase which would suit them but I was tempted by the Christmas tulips (because I do so love tulips) and the sparkly, wintery "Jack Frost" bouquet (how to make your home feel Christmassy in one floral step).

Would I recommend them? Absolutely! The flowers are lasting very well, the prices are reasonable and you can select the most convenient date for delivery.

Yellow roses
Vase full of roses

I try to make a habit of sending my gran flowers now and then (in fact, we told her the baby news by sending her a big bunch of red, orange and yellow roses not dissimilar to this one!) and I'll be keeping Floric in mind for the next time.

Come to think of it, we haven't got round to sending her a Christmas card yet - perhaps this year we'll step things up a notch and send her some flowers as well.

How about you? Who was the last person you sent a big bunch of flowers? 


Roses c/o Floric. Thanks, folks - they really made me smile!

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