A Very Rooftops Christmas 2014

Fireplace filled with presents

Hi! Happy Christmas! I hope you all had lovely days, be that with friends, family or relaxing on your own.

As you can see, Steve and I were extremely spoilt this Christmas. We had decided to give each other a few more treats than usual because it's the last year we expect to have the money for it... and it looks like our parents had a similar idea!

Our friend, Martin, spent the day with us, too. Steve and Martin have been friends since they were tiny and we've all shared flats with one another at some point (in fact, it was My-Flatmate-Martin who introduced me to Steve) - he's practically family and has a standing invitation to join us any year he's in town.

Mouse mittens
Monster oven gloves

I thought I got a lot of things to keep me warm on my birthday but Christmas saw even more cosiness with big boots, slippers, mittens and wrist warmers, not to mention maternity pyjamas and a gorgeous tunic. I find this very bizarre - I don't remember ever receiving clothes in the past, just mountains of books!

Incidentally, Martin's monster oven gloves (which may not be very practical for cooking but which do look awesome) are from Kina Ceramic Design on Etsy.

I did, of course, get my standard pile of novelty cat books. The cats also got a toy which moves a laser around the room at random which was a huge hit with both of them.

Black cat with "Cat Out of Hell" book
Cat toy / Gizmo chasing laser

It wasn't all about the gifts, though. There was also an awful lot of food. Food is Steve's family's one Christmas tradition.

Martin's family also eats a huge amount and watches the Father Ted Christmas special (the one with Ireland's largest lingerie section). We kept that tradition up yesterday. We also watched Scrooged because it was the one decent festive film we could find on either Netflix or Amazon Instant (I'll tell you all about our lack of festive TV reception some other time...!).

I didn't think my family had any Christmas traditions but, the more I thought about it, the more I realised that we did: stockings as soon as my sister and I woke up (to keep us quiet until our parents were ready to face the day); a film in the afternoon; a visit to relatives on Boxing Day.

We talked about Christmas traditions quite a lot as we ate because Steve and I are really excited to be responsible for creating our child's Christmas expectations from next year onwards. We don't intend for these to be focused on extravagant gifts!

Bowl of chocolate brussel sprouts
Clementine rind in mince pie case
Hand in wrist warmers holding cup of tea
Coconut for the birds

We also put a gift out for the birds. Twenty-four hours later, they don't seem to have found it yet, but we also covered that wall in breadcrumbs and those vanished pretty quickly.

Finally, Steve cooked Christmas dinner and Martin washed the dishes. I was responsible for drinking microwaved fruit juice and pretending that it was mulled wine. Sometimes I have life so hard.

Ready for Christmas dinner
Ready to tackle Christmas dinner

How about you? How was your day? And are there any Christmas traditions you think we should develop from next year?


  1. I love your slippers! Happy Christmas x

  2. Aren't they cute?! Happy Christmas to you, too. x

  3. Love the slippers too! And pretty much everything else. I'm intrigued by 'Cat out of Hell'....

    Looks like you had a lovely day, ours was good too just us, my parents and sister. As for Christmas traditions, I always think we never had any but when I stop and think about it, we definitely did. We always made a big deal of decorating the tree; we always dressed up for Christmas dinner; we always got a chocolate orange and a box of After Eights from Santa and had a prawn cocktail as a starter (except the year our cat got to the prawns first...); we always played board games in the evening. Still traditions we've kept going until now and they mean more than any present we're ever had.

    I love the idea of being responsible for someone else's traditions, I guess that's one aspect of parenting that I would enjoy :)

  4. "Cat Out of Hell" wasn't as intriguing as it looked, unfortunately...

  5. Those gloves are pretty cool! And that Father Ted special is always a winner at Christmas (or any time of the year really). It looks like you had a fabulous day and I'm sure next year will be even more fabulous again! :-) xx

  6. This looks like an awesome Christmas. I love that you're thinking about what traditions to pass on to your child; my absolute favourite when I was growing up was the stocking on the end of my bed. At the age of 36, I still get a stocking from 'Father Christmas' (although for about the past 16 years I've also reciprocated and put together a stocking for my mum and step-mum too).

  7. Yep, stockings are still mandatory in our household (I say "still" - Steve never had a stocking growing up).


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