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I've been awake since half past four this morning; I gave in and got up at half past five. This is becoming pretty standard. So much for "stocking up on sleep" (as though it's a bankable commodity) - my achey hips and hungry belly are getting me well used to restless nights.

Anyway, there's not much I can think about at this time in the morning besides the impending baby, so I thought I'd pull together some of the pregnancy-related questions I get asked on a more-or-less daily basis and... I don't know... save you the trouble of wondering?

Do you know/are you going to find out what you're having?

Hopefully a healthy baby. Beyond that: no. Aberdeen's NHS hospital has a policy of not telling people the sex and we're not in such a rush to find out that we would pay (£79!!!!) for a private gender scan. I'll almost certainly write about this in more detail later on but we're both happy either way. It would be nice to know which set of babies' names we can stop stressing about but, otherwise, there's no need to spoil the surprise.

How are you feeling? How was the morning sickness?

Ugh. There was no floating through poppy fields in a pristine white sun dress, glowing with pregnancy hormones. For the first eighteen weeks, I was so tired and achey and queasy that I felt like I had the flu. On the other hand, there was no puking. I'll be 21 weeks on Tuesday and I feel fine now other than the not sleeping and some issues with my hips and lower back.

Have you had any weird food cravings/aversions?

I'm hungry all the time but not for anything specific. I've gone right off Quorn, though, and can't stand the smell of coffee, mint or bacon.

There's definitely just one in there, isn't there?

Yes, and it's a normal size. The ginormous bump is all cushioning and cake.

Can you feel it move yet?

A bit. Not much. I could feel it more when it was lower down; since it's risen up past my hips, it's a lot less obvious. I have an anterior placenta (i.e. the placenta's at the front of my belly; the baby's at the back, walloping my spine) so the kicks are a bit like being poked through a pillow. And they're still extremely infrequent.

What sort of birth are you planning to have?

I am NOT thinking about that. I know it's about time I started but I'm quite happy in my blissful bubble, telling myself, "Well, the birth takes a day or two tops and people get through it all the time. If I just do what the midwife says, there'll be a bit of discomfort and the baby will slide on out. La la la."

How are the cats taking the news?

They haven't shown a whole lot of interest, to be honest. We expect some sulking when Gizmo realises he has to share his bedroom, though.

And what about Steve?

This always gets asked after the question about the cats. Our friends have their priorities absolutely sorted. Anyway: I don't think either of us really let ourselves think about this pregnancy until the first trimester had passed. Now that we're halfway through and everybody knows, it's starting to seem real and we're letting ourselves get excited. It must be weird for Steve because the only evidence he has that it's happening is two scans and my expanding waistline; I get to experience a lot more of it. That said, my mum took us to look at buggies yesterday and I was the one hanging back, feeling like we were play acting at being grown ups - he managed to push a few around the store without bursting into fits of giggles.

Can you talk about anything else right now?

I'll admit: that's a bit of a struggle.


  1. Eek, so exciting! I do think pregnancy sleep difficulties are the cruelest irony of nature. Hope your hip discomfort improves with time, too.

  2. Haha! I love this - I suspect that if I were pregnant, my answers to the above questions would be similar to yours. A mix of excitement and WTF???!!

    Glad its all going well though :) . Although I know two women who are pregnant with twins, and don't they say that things happen in threes....

  3. Ha ha ha! Don't even joke!!! If there are two in there, one of them is VERY stealthy and has successfully hidden through both scans.

  4. Fingers crossed. I went to a pregnancy physio class which has helped my back a lot but the hips are proving to be a bit of a struggle...

  5. Yayyy! So many exciting things! :) I felt the same way about birth and honestly, that's kind of how it went for me. Given what came after, the birth was such a minor part of the whole thing even if it was pretty painful and crazy in the moment. Maybe I'm weird but it wasn't this crazy momentous occasion for me...just a means to an end. I'm so excited for you guys, and believe me, the not being able to talk about anything else thing continues once they're here! <3

  6. Oh god, it's hard enough reining in all of our cat stories - we'll be nightmares once the baby's arrived.


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