On Comfort

At the start of the year, I decided my theme for 2014 was going to be COMFORT. 2013 had been a hectic, eventful, exciting year. It had also been extremely tiring and I was in need of some squishy new pillows, a mug of hot chocolate and an awful lot of downtime.

And I've very much stuck to that plan.

There have been a lot less hangovers this year and, instead, more time spent in coffee shops enjoying one-to-one time with close friends. There have been many, many books read from the comfort of the sofa. Weekends away have been less about carefully planned adventures and more about relaxing with my loved ones.

As ever, I haven't spent a lot. What I have bought this year are very comfy trainers*, a memory foam mattress topper* and two T-shirts which do a good job of summarising my take on free time right now:

Stay Home Club Recluse tee
Sleeping in Today top

The first is from Stay Home Club (I bought mine via Hannah Zakari in Edinburgh for speed/avoidance of customs issues) and the second is from BHS's current "sleepwear" section (ha! Too apt to hide under a duvet).

My plans for the rest of the year are similarly sedate. There won't be any wild, crazy parties for either Steve's or my birthdays; Christmas will be spent at home (possibly in the company of friends as we know some folk likely to be on their lonesome and at a loose end); New Year... well, I haven't thought that far ahead...

...but I am starting to give some thought to 2015. Because one year of hiding indoors is probably enough. Next year's theme is not going to be about bedding.

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  1. I want that Recluse t-shirt in my life.

  2. Love the idea of staying in and being comfortable instead of accepting every social invitation. Also, I've wanted that Recluse t-shirt for awhile now, definitely adding it to my wishlist!

  3. I (also) very much need the Recluse shirt! And have been eyeing up memory foam for awhile, sounds like a good winter investment.

  4. I have that Recluse shirt! I wear it a LOT too!!

  5. Brilliant, I love both of those!
    Roll on 2015, can't wait to see what its theme will be ;)

  6. I want most of their T-shirts; it helped that there are only a handful available in the UK! Love it, though.

  7. Definitely. I wasn't sure how good ours would be as it's not very thick but it makes a huge difference.

  8. I'm pretty sure I first found it via you!

  9. Ha ha - not sure I can be too ambitious with this one...!

  10. Yep, that Recluse tee is everything. And I agree with Andrea, looking forward to finding out more about next year's theme ;)

  11. I'm a bit stumped how to phrase next year's theme...!


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