Aberdeen's Christmas Lights Parade

Christmas lights over crowded Union Street

Every year, Aberdeen City puts on a parade through the centre of town for the switching on of the Christmas lights. I started going to watch five years ago when I was living on the main street - I figured if I couldn't avoid the noise, I may as well enjoy the spectacle - and now it's become a festive tradition.

Reindeer on a segway
Panto princess waving from open top car
Kids in weird costumes

The parade is always a bit random and this year was no exception. In amongst the Santas and reindeer and people dressed as Christmas presents there were... stormtroopers... Darth Vader... a big stompy robot... some children in alien costumes... All a bit bizarre. But loads of fun.

We didn't get the best spot for photography this year. Or, rather, we got our usual spot which is usually fairly quiet. This year, the crowds were something else. I have never seen the parade that well attended. We were stood behind several rows of parents and children so my photos are a bit blurry and have the odd bit of hat in the corners (and then I forgot to take any proper shots of the lights because I was so focused on getting to the pub and grabbing a table before the bulk of the crowd gathered its hungry thoughts).

But we were standing right outside the Jamie Oliver restaurant so got to enjoy free hot chocolates and mince pies - hurrah!

Flame costumes
Man dressed in Christmas tree decorations
Three wise men
Uh... Darth Vader in a Christmas parade
Frosty costumes

And, while I've got your attention, I just wanted to show off my Christmas jumper (it's from the ASOS maternity range; there's also a non-maternity version - none of the links in this post are sponsored or affiliate links, by the way; they're just for your info). I've been trying very hard to keep my maternity wardrobe as small and as cheap as possible but I decided that one good Christmas jumper is absolutely a wardrobe must.

Inflatable Santa and Sarah in Christmas jumper


  1. That parade looks fun. Normally the sort of thing I'd avoid like the plague, but the randomness appeals to me (as does the free hot chocolate and mince pies - so if I ever go, I know where I'll be standing...).

    Love the jumper. I'm sorely tempted to buy a Christmas jumper this year. Again, something I'd usually avoid but seeing as I'm trying to get more with the season this year, and there are so many awesome jumpers out there, I might make an effort!

  2. Before the first year I was all, "This looks totally naff - I'm just going because it's right outside and I suppose it's something to blog about..." but it turned out to be lots of fun.

    You could always ease yourself in with a winter-themed T-shirt...?

  3. Christmas jumper! Also awesome parade! But Christmas jumper! :)

  4. Christmas jumpers are a worthwhile investment because one will last you for years. *nods*

  5. I've got the penguins from last year, totally counting that ;)


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