A Quietly Creepy Halloween

Skull paperchain decoration

Oh, Halloween! An excuse to light candles, watch creepy films and eat bright orange cakes. And that's exactly what Steve and I did.

Last year, we had a much bigger Halloween. We had just spent a few days in Copenhagen, oohed and aahed at the pumpkin-bedecked Tivoli and flown home in a hurricane; back in Aberdeen, we fitted red lightbulbs, stuck a flock of bats all up the stairwell walls and invited our friends round to party.

Skull goblet

This year, both a bit under the weather and with a howling wind blowing outside, we were happy to curl up at home - just us and our two black cats. We watched Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (which was not as bad as expected) and Odd Thomas (which was a lot like a TV pilot), and we ate homemade pumpkin soup and crisps shaped like scorpions.

Carving a pumpkin
Glowing pumpkin lantern

Of course, we decorated a little bit. And we made our first pumpkin lantern (I know, I know: we're in Scotland; it should be a turnip; my decisions are based on taste and appearance not stubbornness, though).

I wore my black cat necklace to work (it was from my pal, Sheena's, shop many years ago) and, at home, changed into a T-shirt dress which is supposed to be skeleton hands forming a heart but, in reality, looks more like they're copping a feel; Steve donned an amazing vampire cape dressing gown my mum got him for Christmas a couple of years ago.

The cats made no effort at all.

Halloween clothes

Did you get up to much?


  1. Aw, you made a great effort for not "doing much"! I was kind of a Halloween humbug this year after od'ing last year. I totally see the heart too, not the copping a feel, but I'm female! I need to see Odd Thomas to sate my weird Anton Yelchin thing.

  2. I'd say that the fact that cats are black cats is a pretty good effort...
    Love this, I'd love to do small things at Halloween/Christmas etc to get into the spirit of things, but I never do. Must use this as inspiration to do something next year!

  3. Haha I totally thought it was copping a feel too, love it anyway ;)

  4. Same. I think it adds a certain something sinister to the dress...

  5. Give it a go this Christmas. Five minutes in your supermarket's novelty food aisle and five minutes of effort with decoration - totally worth the effort.

  6. That *may* have been a factor in me agreeing to watch it. Who knew lanky guys with curly hair could appeal to me?!

  7. I wore my Halloween print skirt, which gets one wear a year.


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