A Day in Dundee

Elise photographing penguin statues

On Saturday, Elise and I met up in Dundee.

Why Dundee? Because it's roughly halfway between us, because Elise had never been there and because I had passed through it often enough to know that it was photogenic but not to know my way around.

Our entire To Do list was:
  1. Photograph penguin statues
  2. Eat cake
Both were achieved.

Penguin statues / Rooftops

Beyond that, our plan was just to wander around, cameras in hand, taking photos of random bits of architecture and seeing where we found ourselves.

We started with a wander along the Nethergate where we found a fountain filled with so much foam it looked like icing dripping off a mountain of cupcakes.

Foamy fountain
City Square

We also found four of Dundee's other famous statues:

Monkey and Squirrel Statues
Desperate Dan and Dragon Statues

Behind the dragon, you might spy The Auld Tram where we stopped to buy (lovely) takeaway tea and hot chocolate. The man working there had grown up in the area so told us about the old fleapit cinema which used to be just down the road (Elise's and my friendship was founded on having both been projectionists so we share a love of old cinemas) and pointed us in the direction of some of the city's more architecturally striking buildings.

Deco building, now Marks and Spencer
Deco building, now Deichmann
Deco building
Old grates and department store ghost signs
Abandoned ballroom

We so wanted to get inside that old ballroom. We peeked through the doors on the off chance we would see something significant but, alas, we could just spy shabby stairs.

Then we stumbled across a Christmas Fayre going on in a local church. We paid our £2 and came away with bags of toys which we're both planning to do something crafty with... *looks mysterious*

Christmas lights
Old shop
Painted railings
Shabby windows with paper snowflakes inside
True-Rest Furniture sign
Smiley graffiti

Next, we found ourselves at The McManus art gallery and museum so we went in for a wander and a bite to eat. We also took part in what was probably supposed to be a children's art project.

Elise drawing a camera
Elise hanging gift tag on display
Ceiling above stairwell
Glowing bottles and the interior of The McManus
Empty frame and sun on a wet road

After lunch, we had a wee wander around some charity shops then headed along to Perth Road where we looked at the quaint buildings near the university, the shop in Dundee Contemporary Arts and then down through the dockside area where all the computer graphic-y companies are based.

Noughts and crosses on a skip
Strange little pink building
Me in a tiny bandstand
Elise in a tiny bandstand and a lemmings statue
Me spotting a plastic seagull
Plastic seagull
Shadow of a bare tree on a wall
Wet roads
Windows piled up like tiers of a wedding cake

By then, we were both getting a bit achey (me especially - the buttons started popping off that jacket the very next day; I'm onto my enormous tent of a maternity duffle coat now) so we headed towards the station, stopping for a quick drink in the cafe beside The Discovery.

The Discovery, Dundee

But, on the subject of Elise, I want to quickly show you the amazing baby gift she made for Steve and me. How cute are these?!

Baby booties with pom-poms on them

And thank you also to everybody who has commented on, shared or emailed in response to my last post. I think you're all absolutely wonderful.


  1. Yaaay pictures! I liked our To Do list :)

  2. I feel it covered all the important stuff. :)

    Looking forward to seeing your photos, too!

  3. Love the photos! I've never been to Dundee and I've always imagined it as a bit dull and grey (which I guess it probably can be, on a bad day). But it looks stunning, and perhaps its somewhere I will actually visit eventually - even if just to see the penguins!

    Aah, the shoes are so cute! I am yet again jealous of Elise's crafty streak!!

  4. Love the photos, I've only ever been to Dundee at night, your pics make it zing - love the statues and mini bandstand especially!

  5. Oh love the baby shoes Elise made too - (though until I read lonestarsky's comment I thought they were mittens he/she might have to grow into!) I obv. don't knit!

  6. Oh what wonderful photos and what a lovely day. I've never been to Dundee but love the idea of just exploring with the camera.

  7. I have to admit, my first thought on seeing the photo of you was "wow, she can still fit into her normal coat," which was swiftly followed by reading about your buttons popping off! Also, those bootees are just too cute. I was thinking only today about my planned craft project for Baby Rooftops, I'd better get going.

  8. Ooooooooh! Yay! Spoilt Baby Rooftops! With any luck you have until April, though, so no rush...

  9. I just love going to places I don't know well and taking random photos. :)

  10. Really want a mini bandstand in the garden now.

  11. Same. I've been shown how to knit and crochet before but, ugh, I do NOT have the patience for all the twiddling and counting.

  12. Lovely photos as always, especially Elise and the penguins! And wow, Dundee looks brilliant!

  13. I hope I'm not overselling Dundee here... It's okay...


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