Small Joys: A Week of Doing Nothing

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Last week, I was off work. There were various reasons for booking that week off and all of those reasons fell through - long stories.

Anyway, that left me with nine gloriously empty days to fill.

This never happens. My weeks off always centre around something which needs to be done. Sometimes a fun thing; usually a great big, boring, practical thing.

I never have nine days of nothing.

But this time I did. And, as I was a bit run down (another long story - I'll get to that soon), I felt not the slightest bit of guilt about taking those nine days easy.

So here's what I ended up doing (with annotations to show what met my "under a fiver" Small Joys criteria):
  • Lunch in a beachfront cafe. (Did this cost less than £5? Well... no... But it was a treat...)
  • A cinema trip. (Did this cost less than £5? YES! Steve got vouchers through work.)
  • Snuggling up on the sofa with a good(-ish) book in the middle of a storm. (Did this cost less than £5? YES! It was free!)
  • A cake date with Laura. (Did this cost less than £5? YES! Cheap, enormous cake!)
  • Going for pizza with Steve. (Did this cost less than £5? YES! Nectar card bonus!)
  • Watching a preview of The Imitation Game. (Did this cost less than £5? YES! It was free through ShowFilmFirst)
  • Walking in the park with Laura. (Did this cost less than £5? YES! It was free!)
  • Uh... taking a load of stuff to the dump... (Did this cost less than £5? YES! It was free! And therapeutic!)
  • Birthday dinner and drinks with Steve's best mate. (Did this cost less than £5? YES! Hurrah Wetherspoon's meal deals!)
  • Shredding and assorted bits of DIY. (Did this cost less than £5? YES! It was free!)
  • Spending a huge chunk of Sunday watching crap films at home with friends. (Did this cost less than £5? YES! All it cost was a couple of bags of crisps!)
All in all, I consider that a big success. The week may have cost more than a fiver but very few individual days did. And I don't think I've felt so consistently relaxed in... well... possibly several years.

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  1. Sometimes you just need those kinds of weeks. I know I'm totally mommyjacking but doing nothing is what I miss most of all now that I have a screaming little ball of need.

  2. Your week off sounds awesome. I waste most of my free time. I think not having many friends or a boyfriend has a lot to do with it, but still. This is inspirational for me.

  3. Ooh lots of lovely free and cheap things to remember! I'm considering doing this too - I've had a few days off lately though but it's not felt like enough, I need more 'do nothing' time! :)

  4. Definitely. Schedule in an empty weekend before the year is out!

  5. That sounds like a lovely way to spend a week off. I usually spend my holidays dashing around, trying to fit in all the jobs and visits I don't have time to do during term time. A week of nothing but 'me time' sounds like bliss!

  6. Yeah, most of my weeks off centre around DIY and chores - it was lovely not to have anything urgent hanging over me!


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