Small Joys: My Very Own Bed

Cushion on a wooden chair in a room lit only by light around a window blind

Mmmmm... waking up on a stormy morning, spread across a double bed, with no little cats moseying back and forth across my chest.

Last weekend, I was visiting friends in Edinburgh. Lots of friends, as it happens. I met Sarah for the first time, caught up with someone I hadn't seen in almost six years, and had lunch with my mum and my sister. And I spent two lovely, lazy evenings hanging out with the two friends I was staying with.

Steve was in Aberdeen.

Steve and I sleep well in the same bed. We're not one of those couples who bicker about which of us hogs the duvet or starfishes across the mattress. So, actually, it's not Steve I enjoyed a break from.

It's Polly.

Polly, the absolute tiniest of cats.

She wedges herself in between us every night, curls up and kips the night away. She looks so hurt if we move around and disturb her that Steve and I have long since trained ourselves to sleep curled about her, absolutely motionless.

I wake with stiff shoulders and achey hips. And a cat demanding her breakfast.

So two nights of wriggling around as much as I liked was absolutely wonderful.


  1. My cat has this uncanny ability to occupy the whole bed with her tiny body. It just comes down to finding the right spot. And if I move her, she bites me. But I'm absolutely sure that I'll miss her like crazy when I'm away.

  2. How do they take up so much room?!

  3. She is the centre of the universe. :)


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