Small Joys: Baking with Windfall

Recently, I've been thinking about how to get myself back into blogging and one thing which occured to me was to resurrect my "Why Don't You...?" feature. For those of you weren't around back then, "Why Don't You...?" consisted of weekly posts of fun and/or productive things to do which didn't take much time or money but did make your life feel better.

These days, the not taking much time or money aspect is more important than ever so, this time around, my rule is that nothing will cost more than a fiver or take more than an hour of our time.

And I'm renaming it "Small Joys". Although I've yet to create any small or joyful banners.

Bowl of red apples

I was given the perfect push to get started when Steve's mum turned up with an enormous bag of apples from her garden. An ENORMOUS bag. There are only so many apples a day Steve and I can each eat (and as we're both waiting for appointments with doctors we didn't want to actively keep them away).

A week later, there was still a small mountain of apples remaining so I took to Pinterest (here I am) and hunted for ideas. I considered brightly coloured toffee apples (but I'm* suspicious of artificial food colouring), some sort of appley-chocolatey fondue (but we weren't having a romantic sort of an evening) and hanging apples in the garden for the birds to eat (but I was scared of attracting a gajillion wasps so I put out some bread crumbs instead).

I ended up going for the traditional option and making some apple and cinnamon scones. I spent 45p on a bag of self raising flour; we had all the other ingredients to hand.

This was such an easy recipe to follow. Except that when it says to "pat into a round about 3cm deep", I recommend not misreading that as "3mm". My scones were a bit on the flat side. The flat and very yummy side. But the so-flat-it-was-hard-to-cut-them-in-half-to-put-butter-and-our-neighbour's-homemade-raspberry-jam-in-them side.

I was feeling very proud of myself until Steve's best mate accused me of being a hipster**.

Still, at least my subculture stereotypes result in something nice to eat.

*Steve is
**Imagine his reaction if he knew that I was blogging about it, too.

Apple and cinnamon scones


  1. Haha, amazing misread of the recipe there! I'm glad they still tasted good. And weirdly, I've just taken an alarmingly similar photograph (but with squash) for today's Two Days the Same.

  2. Ooh, looking forward to seeing it. Mine was actually *gasp* taken outdoors today!

  3. Mmm, they sound (and look) lovely. I really liked the 'why don't you...' feature, so I'm looking forward to 'small joys' :)

  4. Oh these look great. My apple tree didn't seem to do too well on my allotment this year - the apples were eaten and wormy before even falling off the tree.

  5. But, ooh, an allotment?! Lovely!

  6. They look and sound delicious. One of these would have been perfect with the cup of tea I've just had! It's nice to see you back around here my darling, I do miss you so.


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