Ooh! Some Random Links!

Cor, I haven't done one of these lists in... well, roughly forever... But there's been a ton of stuff recently which has resonated with me. So here it is:

My digital photo storage is a mess. Totally agree with the sentiments here. My digital photos are a tiny bit more organised - I have folders for specific events plus a (huge) miscellaneous folder for each year - but once they've been uploaded/printed/bunged in a book, I rarely look at the files again.

Lattes have a lot to answer for. Well, I'm not sure they do. But this is an interesting look at why they have gained aspirational middle class connotations and whether or not those connotations are accurate. Or indeed helpful.

Politics and the Facebook bubble. How social media filters out the [political] views we disagree with and why this is a bad thing. 100% agree with that.

The British public is wrong about just about everything. Benefits scrounging, teen pregnancy, immigration, crime statistics - all those things the gutter press likes to get us worked up about? Not as bad as the general public thinks. Useful stats for when you're on a rant.

A beginner's guide to minimalism. I like to think I'm a natural minimalist but I enjoy reading about it nonetheless (it reinforces my opinions, you know). This is a good explanation of why minimalism isn't about owning as little as possible; it's about prioritising good things over bad.

Getting on board the Baby Gravy Train. One single 30-something woman considers her options after discovering she's about to hit menopause.

Finally, if you're not already following my friend Steff's new blog, click through for a (genuinely) really great read.


  1. Great post, I love all of these. I'm not a latte hater but if I see another tweet about/Instagram pic of a Starbucks pumpkin spiced latte, I may well hurt someone. Probably by throwing a pumpkin spiced latte at them.

  2. Remember to Instagram the aftermath.

  3. Shucks, thank you. I should warn people my blog is long and rambly! I kind of get the anti-latte movement but also always secretly want one the minute the "special" season arrives, despite finding Starbucks flavourings gross generally. I did once have a delicious Blackforest gateau latte at Costa,though.

  4. Brilliant, will be checking these out especially the British Public being wrong thing. I sense I could take a way a lot of useful info from that article...

  5. I will. And then I will label the photo with their name (spelt wrongly in a 'hilarious' way).

  6. Or roll your eyes a lot. Like I did.

  7. I enjoy novelty foods. Not coffee (blech) but anything else with a seasonal flavour added, I'm sold.


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