This Was March:

The best of March: pancakes and flowers; white horses; The Grand Budapest Hotel; cheap dinners out; my sister's new home; The Examined Life: How We Lose and Find Ourselves; catch ups with friends; sunshine and snow; lots of cake; bus rides in the country; football celebrations; and a weekend in Paris (photos to follow).

And here are the outtakes from Two Days the Same:

Rundown house
Burnt out chip shop
Big white waves at the beach
Steve cradling cereal bowl and reading book
Loads of crocuses
Me with pasta / Cats swiping each other
A dying rose
Thumbs up
Giraffe sticker / cat in sunlight
Football fans
Plus one photo of me by Steve.


  1. Love all the outtakes, but the cat ones are (as always!) my favourites. Is it Gizmo on teh chair and Polly under? It's just that the one under the chair has such a 'you're a twat' impression....

  2. Love the rooftop photo and those purple flowers.

  3. Ha ha! Yes! Polly stalked off pretty quickly afterwards. Also, Steve's pretty chuffed that our cats are so internet famous that at least one person who has never met them knows their names and personalities.

  4. OMG that building! I think I've been there that the ballroom? Love the cats teasing each other too ;)

  5. The burnt out one? It was a Chinese restaurant and a couple of small cafes. The Ballroom (luckily) is a little bit further along the road.

  6. Even your outtakes are bloody marvellous! Like lonestarsky, the cats tend to be my favourite too. Also, how bloody marvellous is The Grand Budapest Hotel?! I loved it!

  7. I sometimes have a hard time deciding which picture to use - this is somewhere to put the ones I love but don't get to use.

    Yeah, I'm not usually a Wes Anderson fan but I liked this one a lot more; a bit more to the story and it looked absolutely gorgeous.


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