On Comfort, Calm and/or Well-being

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Remember last new year when the trendy thing, instead of making resolutions, was to pick a theme for the coming year?

Well, last year, although I don't think I made any great announcement about it at the time, my theme was definitely "change". I was applying for new jobs; Steve and I were talking about moving house; it felt like life was about to take a huge leap forward.

I got to March and felt really let down that nothing at all had happened. Not only had nothing happened, but the sort of homes we wanted had shifted out of price range and I hadn't had so much as an acknowledgement of the majority of my job applications, never mind an interview.

But then - then - we moved house and I had surgery on my face and I started a fab new job all in the space of three days and my aim for change was well and truly met. Add to that painting every single room, turning down a bunch of unsolicited interview offers and a whole mess (sometimes literally) of other adventures and 2013 exceeded my every expectation.

I tell you what, though: it got exhausting.

Exciting, absolutely.

But exhausting, too.

Mix in a couple of health issues and, by the end of the year, I was utterly wiped out. Not even my almost-two-week Christmas break has restored me. And Steve seems pretty washed out, too.

So: 2014?

Less with the upheaval, I think.

This year, it's all about comfort... or maybe calm... or maybe well-being... I haven't decided which word to use.

It's about investing in really good quality pillows for our bed. It's about making lots of time to read lots of books. It's about drinking hot chocolate with warm milk instead of boiled water, but cutting down on the booze. It's about watching favourite films (most recently The Straight Story which I love and recommend). It's about accepting invitations but prioritising time alone together. It's about arranging to see people we love in Paris. It's about looking at 1920s photos with my Grampa and having hopping competitions with my four year old nephew. It's about just ten minutes a day of keeping on top of the tidying so we need never feel overwhelmed by mess. It's about hanging pictures on the walls and having music where and when we want it.

And that's just the first four days.

My focus for the coming months is more of the same: a comfortable home; people we care about; and lots of care for ourselves.


  1. I'm glad you're getting a much-needed rest. Happy New Year, friend! <3

  2. It's a difficult time of year, but at least there'll be more daylight soon and it should start getting warmer, which should help some. Hope younboth feel better soon.

  3. Yay I like your goals for this year, simple but perfect :)

  4. i love that going to paris is on your "simple" list. oh to live where you do!
    my theme for 2014 is apparently going to have to be "don't be jealous of sarah."

  5. Happy new year my lovely lady! I hope 2014 gives you the chance to fully revel in and appreciate all of the delights that came in 2013 :)

  6. B (Make Do and Spend)6 January 2014 at 18:54

    Happy New Year Sarah! It's always lovely to see you've posted :) That's a good list of achievable goals there - I'm also trying to stick to the 'tidy a little every day' one! B x

  7. Thanks Alistair! Oddly, I find this one of the simplest times of year... I wonder why we have such different views?

  8. Oh, and have a visit from a certain blogging friend, too!

  9. Ha ha! I think YOUR 2014 sounds plenty exciting!

  10. Ooh, good luck with that! Let me know how it goes. x

  11. I think it's partly because December and January are the busiest months for my work, which means I'm not as relaxed as I want (although that's very specific to me). The other part is the shortness of the days, which I just find a bit of a downer.

  12. Definitely. I think we can both spend this year settling into our new homes. :)


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