I Ignore My Blog for Months and then I Talk About... Cleaning?

If you're still following my 365 (hello? hello?) you may have noticed that this week has been all about the indoors. Home comforts. Keeping on top of the cleaning. Hiding away from the cold.

I'm still battling the health stuff. I'm taking these pills which are bright yellow and have what looks like a very smiley face on one side, as though I'm nipping out to a rave after breakfast. They make my mouth taste like cheese. So, generally, I've not been in the mood for getting off the sofa much.

That said, Steve and I did go to see Frozen yesterday which we quite enjoyed - I approved of the more modern take on love and relationships, although I tutted a lot at the Tinkerbell trailer beforehand which features our perfectly groomed heroines slagging off somebody's hair.

Where was I going with this?

Oh, yes: I've stayed at home a lot this week.

Home is on my mind.

I mentioned in my last post that I've been giving over about ten minutes a day to keeping on top of the clutter in our home and I wanted to expand on that a bit. Because I hate cleaning and I think I've found an approach which makes it more bearable.

I say "I've found an approach" - this all spawned from something my friend Rowena mentioned to me months ago. Rowena has a bigger house than us, works full-time and spends huge chunks of each day being sporty and yet her home is clean. So my plan is based on hers.

I also say "my plan" because I'm the one who's enthusiastic about it. Our home is not located in the 1950s; Steve does his share of the housework. In fact, what this plan actually does is get me doing my share while he cooks us food.

So here it is: spending roughly ten minutes each day tidying and cleaning one room. Just that tiny amount of time. Just that one defined area of the flat.

And it seems to be working.

Having a time limit stops me from feeling hard done by. Having a specific area to focus on stops me from feeling overwhelmed. Instead, I actually get things done, put things away, wipe away the dust.

Our flat is far from pristine at the moment, true. There are still a lot of boxes waiting to go up into Steve's attic lair because Steve's attic lair has only just been carpeted. There are still a lot of DIY bits and pieces sitting around the spare bedroom because they're being used on such a regular basis it's not worth putting them away. There are still bits of storage we're waiting to acquire and some items we need to scrap or donate. But it's much, much better than it was.

No more do I find myself sniffing the towels and wondering when they were last washed; now I know they were done on Tuesday. Likewise, the bedding is changed on Wednesdays rather than when my cheeks get a rash. The paperwork balanced on the arm of the sofa gets dealt with on Thursdays and the kitchen gets a proper wipedown at the weekend.

Because all this genuinely does take less than ten minutes I've also had time to hang mirrors on walls, to reorganise the kitchen cupboards, to order storage accessories online and to fix the broken toilet roll holder which I'd been irritated by for six months.

So now I just have to deal with the knowledge that I've become the sort of grown up who blogs about her carefully scheduled approach to doing the housework. As opposed to throwing fits because my mother just visited and suggested I tidy my room.


  1. B (Make Do and Spend)13 January 2014 at 09:49

    This is exactly the kind of plan I'm trying and (largely) succeeding in following. I'm terrible at putting off housework, until things basically become a complete mess - 10 minutes isn't so bad and amazingly makes a big difference B x

  2. Ha I'd be no good at this, I always see one more thing that needs cleaned/tidied away/fixed! It's certainly a good idea tho :)

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon, get lots of rest x
    Very sensible. I blitz mine every six months, then I dust when I get asthma :/
    People think because of my work my home must be lovely but I'm a collections care assistant not a cleaning lady.

  4. Hey, that sounds like a good plan. I might give that a go myself. Also, sorry to hear about the 'happy' pills :( they sound rubbish!

  5. Finally got your Disqus to work for me, yay!

    Anyway, what a genius idea. I hate hate hate cleaning and only do it in tiny bursts. But one tiny burst a fortnight is not terribly helpful- one a day might actually do some good. My trick is to keep my house super tidy and neat, it fools people into thinking it's also clean when it's really not!

    Also, major boo to your health issues. I hope things improve soon.

  6. Such an awesome idea. I am going to do this too. When I first moved in, I was surprisingly enthusiastic about housework, my thinking was 'this is MY house and I want to keep it clean'. But yeah, that did not last. I like the sound of this approach though. (and I'm totally with you on the towel sniffing/rash from the bedding things).

  7. Yep, the novelty wore off for me, too. But I can force myself to do THIS. This is practically nothing.

  8. Yay! And thank you! And, ha, at least you manage the tidy bit!

  9. Rubbish but extremely cheerful about it.

  10. Ill-health-as-a-cleaning-prompt, I hear you.

  11. I was like that the first week I was going round, but now that it's under control it's okay. :)

  12. I get way too distracted to have any sort of approach to cleaning. Rob usually ends up doing it while I fudge around on the internet. Bad form! Haha your plan is wicked smart though, and quite doable. Have you ever followed the Tumblr "Unfuck your Habitat"? Really good daily motivation I find.


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