The Duthie Park Relaunch Event Thingy

Crowds in Duthie Park

The rain is fair dinging doon the day (talk of the weather should always be in your local dialect, you know), so I thought I'd blog about a sunny(-ish) day outdoors instead: the Duthie Park relaunch event thingy.

This was a month ago. I've been a bit distracted.

Ponds in Duthie Park
Plaque explaining history of well

Anyway. A lot of money and volunteer hours had been spent refilling the ponds in Duthie Park, vastly improving the children's play areas and generally tidying the place up a bit, and a big family fun day was held to show off all the hard work.

Steve, our mate Bruce and I went along for a nosey. We ran into a bunch of our friends there, one of whom actually had a real live child with her.

(This is not the child; it's an owl. Just to clarify that I do know the difference. Children can't fly and it is generally frowned upon to tie them to lumps of wood with a ribbon)

Small owl looking shocked
Grey horses

There were birds of prey, horses, brand new pedal boats (with a horrendous queue, so we'll have to go back another day), performers and general merriment. We even found a geocache (which I'm not going to show you - you can find it yourself very easily. If you're local).

Bridge details
Lots of yellow and orange flowers
Spiky orange and yellow flowers

We had a donder around the park, sat in the sun for a bit, and watched a re-enactment of some councillors putting, frankly, rather a lot of pressure on Miss Duthie to donate her land to the city, but then it got a bit chilly so we retired to the pub.

Purple flowers
Ponds and trees
Sarah and Steve
Photo of Steve and me by Bruce - thanks Bruce!

I was back a couple of weeks later, though, to watch Tosca on the big screen with Steff. BP put these free outdoor cultural events on every year, but this was the first in a long time to have nice enough weather for me to consider going. We were very glad to run into a friend who could explain the traumatic plot to us, but it would have been good fun regardless.

Crowds watching Tosca


  1. Gorgeous pictures, and I love this dress! (and your explanation of the differences between children and owls. Now I know.)

  2. I strive to make my blog educational.

  3. PHEW! I was thinking that I'd misunderstood what a child was all of this time. Is it wrong that I might prefer owls?! I have no idea how to talk about the weather in my dialect either haha.

  4. No, that's fair enough - owls are much lower maintenance.


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