Prague: St. Vitus Cathedral

Within the grounds of Prague Castle sits St. Vitus Cathedral. There is nothing modest or understated about this place.
Cathedral (front)
Dog statue drooling ice
Stained glass window
More stained glass
Bird and gargoyle out of a Disney movie
Knight praying to Jesus
Lion door knocker
More stained glass
Angel stabbing a demon
Flying statue against window
The interior
Interior shot
More interior, seen through an arch
Super ornate tomb
Exterior with Christmas tree and Steve


  1. That looks like an AWESOME place to visit.  I sort of have a thing for old churches.  I've been to a few impressive ones here in the states, but nothing quite like that.  

  2. Haha, no, absolutely nothing understated about St Vitus. I guess that's Catholicism for you... 

  3. Certainly an atmospheric place! I especially like the psychedelic stained glass windows and the terrifying bird sculpture. Thanks for showing us.

  4. Is that gargoyle thing drooling ice?!


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