Prague: Random Castle Snaps and the Basilica

Castle Grounds
Some sort of dial contraption
Princess dolls
Us taking photos in a Christmas tree bauble
Statue of boy with snow covering his eyes
While on the castle grounds we visited the Basilica. Honestly, we spent most of our time in there whispering to each other, "What's a basilica? I wish Alistair, font of all trivia, was here to tell us..." It seems to be some sort of meeting space, anyway.
Engraving of St George slaying a dragon
Light through arches
Music stands
Interior of basilica
Light through windows
Painted ceiling


  1. Alistair, font of all trivia15 January 2013 at 21:47

    It's apparently an oblong church (ie it's not cross shaped, like most churches). It's a Roman design, used for really old churches.

  2. SO PRETTY - I can't get enough of old church details. The sheer amount of work and artistry that went into each wall, each little detail. It's mind-boggling. 

  3. Those ceiling paintings, right? Incredible.

  4. Gorgeous! I love that photo of you, you look lovely as always :)


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