Prague: Golden Lane

Golden Lane
Creepers growing up castle walls
I think my favourite thing at Prague Castle was Golden Lane. This is a row of miniscule cottages which have been built right into the castle walls, underneath a long narrow corridor from which soldiers would defend the castle.

The cottages are now set up to show what life was like for the residents in times past; a few of them are gift shops.
Working room full of pots and candles
Metal chandelier
Pots and vials for making potions
Makeshift cinema
Stacks of film cans
The corridor above the cottages is now full of suits of armour, weapons and some grizzly torture devices. Steve found this fascinating so we spent a very long time looking at everything. And it was cold!
Me with my scarf pulled over my nose
A skull. Possibly of somebody who froze to death.
Snowy view out a diamond paned window
Armour that looks like some sort of bird
Lots of armour
Big stone arches


  1. Was that bird armor actually worn? I love it and want it.

  2. This was my favourite place in Prague, it's such a beautiful street.


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