Prague: The Castle and the Changing of the Guard

Steps up to castle
Steve and I slept in on our second day in Prague; our plan was to visit the castle and we made it up the thousand or so steps to the front courtyard just in time to see the midday changing of the guard.
Grumpy looking soldier
Soldiers marching
The castle grounds are enormous. We felt quite overwhelmed at first, despite the little map on the back of our ticket. We had been warned we would need half a day to look around, but we were there for five hours and only saw about half of what we wanted to!

Oh, and it's not just the castle; there are also a couple of palaces across the road.
Bride and groom
There were some really bloodthirsty statues above the castle gates. These are the less disturbing ones:
Babies hugging big regal bird. Less disturbing? Believe it or not, yes.
Ferocious looking centurion type guys
And a couple of shots while we tried to find the ticket office:
Snowy trees
Diagonal window


  1. Beautiful! I love changing of the guard ceremonies as nerdy as that sounds. When I went to Russia we saw the one outside of the Kremlin - I had never seen soldiers goose-step in real life before (our soldiers don't) so it made it that much stranger to watch.

  2. Oh this takes me back to my trip there last year. We didn't see the changing of the guard but we did visit the castle. I loved the steps actually haha. We went via the backside and it passed through some awesome alleyways.

  3. I'm pretty sure this is the only time I've seen one - they kept skidding on the ice whilst trying to look super-formal and official.

  4. I loved the steps, too, but not for the nicest of reasons - we live on the top floor so I'm used to loads of stairs, and I was enjoying charging up them without getting out of breath, passing lots of panting people on the way! And the view from the top! Amazing! There's practically a whole post about it coming up...


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