Prague: The Astronomical Clock

The Astronomical Clock definitely needs a post (almost) of its own. It's pretty cool. Uh... that's my incredibly cultured, educated explanation of it. There's a skeleton who rings a bell and the apostles appear on the hour and look out at the crowds. Look at the detail in this:
Astronomical clock
Top half
Armed angel
Guy with a mirror
Bell ringing skeleton
Some apostles
Bottom half
We couldn't get too close to the clock; the street was cordoned off for a presidential visit. We didn't know which person was the President, but we did watch the flags being changed in his/her honour.
Cordoned off street
Flag being changed
Grand door
Are you bored of the Prague photos yet? I hope not because we're only half way through them...


  1. Not bored at all! It seems like a really unique city; that clock is one of the creepiest things I've seen in awhile!

  2. It's so weird when it's animated. The whole city's got a creepy gothic feel - right up Steve's street!

  3. I'm a total dork for idioms and such, but is that a phrase "up his street?" We say "right up his alley," so I wondered :)

  4. Yes, it just means the kind of thing he likes. I'm so used to reading American English I forget that you're not used to reading British English! But I figure all my Scottish slang just seems quirky and quaint (and therefore appealing) to a lot of my readers. :)

  5. Not bored. That clock is the coolest thing ever. 


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