One Snowy Day in January

Two weeks ago, circumstances took me on a half hour walk past the old textile mill and through some of the nicer parts of town.
Four dark, broken windows, one with a tree growing out of it.
Another dark window with a tiny bit of room lit by the sun
Most of the letters of "Gilcomston Construction Co" missing from the sign above a painted up door
Broadford Works textile mill
Tenement covered in scaffolding and satellite dishes reflected in a snowy puddle

It was a snowy day, but, living right in the city centre, I rarely get to see the snow lying. It gets trampled away by the crowds. Wandering through a snowy park was exciting for me.

A streak of sunlight in a snowy park
Fluffy clouds above dark treetops
Snowy treetops
Masses of red berries with snow on them
Three people on a bridge over a pond
Ornate railings with bits missing
Trickles of white paint over a brown background


  1. I love and admire how much pleasure you get from wandering and exploring :) Lovely photos as always.

  2. It's the upside of not driving. :)

  3. You have such a great eye. No offense to anyone else who does a lot of photo posts, but I often just scroll right past them. Yours photo sets always have at least a couple that I go back to and really look at, you know?

    My favorites in this are the fence (great perspective on that one) and the old textile mill. I really like the way the branches are growing out of the windows--they almost look like they're saying "hi guys!" Something about them just seems...friendly? That sounds weird, but it's how they look to me. :)

  4. lovely photos! I wish the old textile mill was turned into a creative business hub or something. it would boost the whole area. I used to live around there and walked past it daily. x

  5. Love the scenes of unspoilt snow - definitely a rarity in a city! Such a shame to see a building like that lying derelict.

  6. Ooh more awesome pics! Did you get inside the factory?  I wanna explore it now! :)

  7. The photo of the three people on the bridge is just perfect.

  8. Thank you! :D

    Yes, I liked the branches; it was like they were beckoning people in.

  9. Yes, I wish they'd hurry up and do SOMETHING with it. It's such a waste of all those amazing buildings.

  10. Yay - somebody who's not SICK of snow pictures!

  11. No, it's pretty dangerous - floors missing, fire damage etc - and I'm too scared of getting told off... :(

  12. Thanks - it was my favourite shot!

  13. Hello!  I'm delurking to say I remember hearing about a planning application going in for Broadford Works.  Unsurprisingly I think it's for flats.

    Also to ask where the wee bridges are?  Somewhere I need to go exploring, obviously.

  14. Hi Sarah!

    Yes, I heard that was approved (maybe a year ago?) - flats, houses and some retail/leisure stuff. Then about a week later somebody set fire to the place. No idea what's happening with it now...

    The wee bridges are in Westburn Park, near the corner of Westburn Road and Westburn Drive.


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