At the Beach

A couple of weeks ago, Lola and I went for a great big walk along Aberdeen Beach. She was helping me prepare for an exciting project which I'll be sharing with you next week (eeeeeeeh!) - thank you so much, Lola!

In the mean time, here are some of the pictures we snapped along the way (the one of me is by Lola).
Streetlamps on the beachfront
Oyster catcher and its reflection by the sea
Life rings
Smashed up tree
Split wood
Lola and her reflection waving
Dogs running in the sand
Whale shaped log with sandcastles along its back
Lola in a wooden bus shelter
Today's Specials board
Tiled doorway stating "Neptune Bar"


  1. I love taking photos of nautical-y things. :) These are lovely, as always!

  2. These photos are lovely, I'm kind of inspired to go to the beach this weekend (if it doesn't snow, that is) looking forward to hearing about your new project xo

  3. Wow awesome pics!  Not sure Aberdeen beach looked that nice last time I was there... ;)

  4. I love these! I'm particularly smitten with the little bird with the yellow face.

  5. You need to wander away from the family bit!

  6. I like the pictures of the thing in the wood and then the other thing in the green things together. I have a feeling one is a rusty nail or something and the other is an organic something, but they look so similar. 

  7. They are both rusty nails. One was in a bit of wood which had been split by the wind and the other is surrounded by some sort of licheny organic thing.

  8. I wasn't sure. We don't have those here (to my knowledge) and I'm bad at identifying birds (with a few exceptions). I've seen those in pictures before, I just didn't know what to call it. :)

  9. i had a dream last night that i came to scotland!!
    BUT THEN, on the way home, my plane ended up in tokyo, and i got kidnapped!

  10. What?! Nooooooo! I'll come to the rescue!


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