Why Don't You...? 2013 Edition

As promised, 2013 brings a whole new list of suggestions for making life more rewarding, relaxing and/or enjoyable.
Why Don't You...?
This year, I'm so happy to have worked with Elise of Foof & Faff to have come up with sixty suggestions we're really excited about. You read that right: sixty. A little more than one a week - allowing everyone to either over-achieve or to choose a few less appealing ideas to ignore.

There is less structure to this year's list - nothing needs to be done on or by a certain date; if you want to play along, you can do the suggestions in any order you like and entirely at your own pace. I'm aiming to have one to write about each week, but I'm not going to get too hung up on deadlines.

So, here it is: 2013's list.
  1. Photograph your favourite places.
  2. Have a nostalgia trip (go somewhere you loved as a kid, watch a childhood cartoon, meet an old friend).
  3. Have an early night with a good book.
  4. Learn a dance.
  5. Test a new drink (Elise is stuck in a Bud rut; Sarah's getting tipsy on wine).
  6. Try a new restaurant.
  7. Write a completely honest post about how you're feeling right now.
  8. Try a new beauty/hair/skincare/anything-from-Boots product.
  9. Have an internet-free weekend.
  10. Write a letter to your past self.
  11. Write a letter to your future self. Use to send it.
  12. Try a food you hated as a child.
  13. Try a new ice cream flavour.
  14. Watch a sport.
  15. List the top 5 places you want to visit in the world. Start saving for one of them.
  16. Spend a day in your pyjamas.
  17. Leave a comment on every blog you read for a week.
  18. Buy that practical thing you never get around to.
  19. Spend the day/night watching only one channel. See what you learn.
  20. Try something you think you're going to hate.
  21. Rearrange some furniture.
  22. Make a new friend/meet a blog friend.
  23. Write a big, long list of things that make you happy.
  24. Send an anonymous gift.
  25. Have a picnic.
  26. Do something nice for somebody you don't know or don't much like.
  27. Read a newspaper.
  28. Give up your biggest vice for a week.
  29. Clear out under your bed/the junk drawer/your wardrobe/that bulging cupboard.
  30. Tell someone you love them.
  31. Turn a few different corners on a familiar path.
  32. Go bowling.
  33. Pick a book totally at random (from the library/charity shop/bookshop) and review it.
  34. Send postcards just because.
  35. Go to a local event.
  36. Have a tea party.
  37. Create something (anything!).
  38. Do something on your own which makes you feel self-conscious.
  39. Do something that scares you.
  40. Get rid of five things you no longer love.
  41. Visit a local interest spot.
  42. Read a biography.
  43. Have a movie day.
  44. Give an abandoned hobby another go.
  45. Try a new exercise.
  46. Play a board game.
  47. Discover new music.
  48. Visit somewhere new.
  49. Take the long walk home.
  50. Photograph a stranger with their permission.
  51. Make something outside your cooking/crafting comfort zone
  52. Spend a day blitzing your to do list.
  53. Buy yourself something frivolous.
  54. Leave a good book for a stranger to find. 
  55. Hang something new on the wall.
  56. Take a friend/loved one on a mystery date.
  57. Say thank you.
  58. Teach somebody something.
  59. Watch a classic film/read a classic book you've never got around to before.
  60. Complete a personal challenge.


  1. Love this idea and am hoping to do a weekly round up this year of things I've got up to so can incorporate this into that :) Happy new year Sarah! x

  2. These are great, there's loads I want to do!

  3. Ahh this is a BRILLIANT list and there are so many achievable things on there. Especially number 16 which just will not be a problem for me whatsoever haha. Maybe I'll try to do one a week and do a blog post about it :) I kind of wanted to do a list like this but since you've written such a good one already it'd be rude not to use yours...

  4. Ha ha! I'm very much looking forward to number 16. I might do it tomorrow...

  5. Great list, Sarah. Would love to try some of these too x

  6. Fab list. I may actually manage some this year! :-)

  7. I'd be happy to try most of these, apart from 53. I need to do the opposite... 

  8. Ha! I need your help with a couple of them! :-)

  9. I love this idea! I didn't manage many of your 2012 prompts so will be having a go at blogging some of these :)

  10. Hi Lotty! Brilliant! I'm looking forward to reading about it.

  11. Awesome. These are such good ideas.

  12. I really love this list! Love! 

  13. I love this idea, I found you via Lucy in the Sky.
    Going to bed early with a good book and spending an entire day in my PJs are already ticked off (repeatedly), but I'm definitely going to try some if the others.
    Great idea!

  14. Hi Hazel! Ooh, great - glad it's giving you some ideas!


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