Prague: Travel and Accommodation

This past weekend, Steve and I headed to Prague! Before we set off, our friends joked that they would never need to visit Prague because I would take so many photos. "Sarah: it's like being there," was the tagline they gave me.

And they're not far wrong.

Honestly, the folder of photos on my computer is a little bit daunting... so I'm starting off easy. I'm starting with the basics of how we got there and where we stayed, and the pretty stuff will follow bit by bit until I run out of things to show you.

And getting there, that was an adventure.
Frankfurt airport, terminal A interior
Me on a toy plane
Despite the 3am start, travelling from Aberdeen to our connection in Frankfurt was no problem - a tiny bit delayed but nothing significant.

When we got to Frankfurt it looked like this:
Snowy airport
Snowier than usual thereabouts, but not a particularly big deal.
Solitary man in rows of airport seating
A little later than planned, all the passengers for our flight were put on a bus and driven to our plane. We then sat on the plane for an hour waiting for the de-icing crew to come along and spray the wings with antifreeze. The cabin crew gave us sandwiches in the meantime. The snow outside got heavier.
Snowy airport
At the hour mark, the pilot very apologetically announced that the entire airport was being closed due to the adverse weather and that our flight was being cancelled. That all flights in and out of Frankfurt were being cancelled. We sat on that grounded plane for two more hours while we waited for the bus to come and take us back to the airport.

The cabin crew and pilot were fantastic, for the record. We were flying Lufthansa and we couldn't fault them for how they handled the whole thing, but we were only going to Prague for two and a half days so it was disappointing to be sat there wondering whether we would be as well cancelling the whole thing and going home instead.

Then, after three hours on the plane, the pilot announced that the weather was improving slightly and that a later flight to Prague would be flying after all. He had spoken to the pilot of that flight and they had arranged to get a larger plane which could fit us all on! Hurrah! We were bussed right to our new departure gate, arriving with moments to spare. And only one person out of ninety threw a hissy fit about having to get out of her seat.

So. Seven hours late. But we made it.

And our hotel was worth the wait. Because it was Steve's thirtieth birthday and his first foreign holiday and my less-significant birthday and we could only manage two and a half days instead of a week, we had decided to blow our normal week-in-a-basic-hotel budget on somewhere really, really posh.
Our posh room
We stayed at the five star Alchymist Castle Suites and I'm not linking to their site because if you see the price you may well be appalled. But it was gorgeous. And the staff were all lovely. And it was on a little (triangular) square next to a well-policed parliament building so it was quiet, but it was also just one street over from a lot of nice restaurants and just around the corner from the castle.

This was the view from our bedroom on the night we arrived:
Snowy (triangular) square
And this is the view looking back up the street towards the hotel and the castle the following morning:
View towards hotel and castle
Despite the drama at Frankfurt and the thick snow on the ground, we didn't get snowed on the whole time we were there - it looked stunning and we didn't get soaked. Perfect.

And for my birthday, the hotel gave us free sparkling wine.
Wine in a cooler with two champagne flutes
Once it got started, it was a wonderful holiday. But I'll tell you all about it a little later...


  1. That hotel is beautiful, and the view from your window was gorgeous! It much have been such a relief to finally get there after all that fuss xo

  2. Man what a faff! Looks like it was worth it tho, I love your hotel logic ;)

  3. that is so awesome and I definitely would have not wanted to go home either! cant wait to hear your adventures

  4. We're definitely going back some time!

  5. We were paying with Steve's Christmas bonus from last year so we felt no guilt - that money was earmarked for a holiday and that's what we spent it on. :D

  6. I can't wait to see more of your pictures! I would pretty annoyed with the travel situation though, especially since it was already going to be a quick trip. It's great that the airline staff was good about it; sometimes those people can be awful, making a bad situation that much worse.

  7. Prague has always struck me as a super interesting place to visit. Sorry your trip there was so rough but I'm glad you had a good time ultimately. :)

  8. Yes, it was just bad luck - nothing anybody could do about it, so at least they solved the problem as quickly as they could!

  9. Yes, I have many, many, many photos to show of the good time we had!

  10. Wow, love the photos so far, can't wait to see the rest. Prague is on my list of places to visit - take it you flew from Aberdeen? Glad you had a great time and that the weather didn't spoil things :) xx

  11. We did - we wanted to keep it as simple as possible (airport connections, no trains).

  12. Thanks! I wondered if they would be too much but then I remembered how much I enjoyed all your Scotland posts.


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