Prague: From the Hotel to the Bridge

The plan for our first day in Prague was to cross the river and visit the Christmas markets... but first we had to get from our hotel to the Charles Bridge. It could have been a three minute stroll - it took us about an hour because we were so busy being awed by how pretty everything was.
Decorative link between two buildings
Ornate door knocker
Steve taking photos
View through an arch
Ornate door handle
Smiley face graffiti
Creepy Masks
Stickers on a wall
The Square
Wrought iron peacock
Beautiful street
Bear on the side of a building
Beautiful building seen through a gap


  1. Great photos, and I LOVE his bone gloves!

  2. They were from H&M a couple of birthdays ago. :)

  3. Ooh Prague looks amazing, I love how you always find the best details :)

  4. It was! And, honestly, we could pretty much just click without looking - it was so pretty, we'd get a good shot regardless!

  5. These are lovely. The snow really adds to the charm of Prague x

  6. Thank you - I agree; it was like something out of a (Christmassy) children's book.


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