Prague: Crossing Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge, which dates back to 1357, spans the Vltava River. So much I learned from books.

It's cobbled, pedestrianised and features a number of religious, historical and downright disturbing statues which Steve was very drawn to.
Vltava River
Tower entrance to the Bridge
Musical Instruments sign
Statue with a big moustache looking bored
Imprisoned statues
Statue of big dog
Side river with railings covered in padlocks
Pigeons on rooftopLooking back towards hotel
Pretty square
Me on the Bridge
Religious statue
Statue covered in pigeons
Yellow pedal boats all in a row


  1. Nice photo's. Prague is on my to visit list! x

  2. I went to Prague a few years ago, and loved it! The Charles Bridge is stunning (although a shame about all the merchants flogging their wares everywhere, but it's always the same in touristy places!) x

  3. Yeah - there were only a handful when we were there; perhaps the snow drove them away? It was beautiful, though.

  4. Thank you! It is STILL on my to visit list; I want to go back.

  5. Prague is definitely on my travel list, I've actually been checking Ryanair for cheap flights out of Edinburgh lately, I don't care where I go, I just want to go away. These photos are beautiful, those statues behind the bars are quite scary looking xo

  6. I know that feeling! If I was in Edinburgh (know anyone who needs a copywriter?!) I'd be taking advantage of all the cheap flights!

  7. How lovely everything looks with the snow; so Christmassy!

  8. Those are some bananas statues, so much history!


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