Prague: Aimless Wandering on Day One

I don't have a specific "It's Christmas!" type of post for you today, but I do have some very festive looking photos to share! I hope those of you who are celebrating are having a wonderful day with people you care about or perhaps just a peaceful time away from the daily routine. Steve and I are staying home with the cats; the intention is to cosy up with homemade mulled wine and the heating up high. I'll be back tomorrow when I'll be getting a head start on my New Year project!

Steve and I were in Prague for two days and our entire plan was this: spend one day on one side of the river (see Christmas markets?) and spend one day on the other (visit castle?).

On our first morning (Christmas market side of river) we decided to just wander around and see what we could see. It's a very walkable city - at least, if you've had 30-odd years of practice walking on snow, it is. We strolled around for a couple of hours and spotted all the sights we'd been meaning to look out for.
"Old traditional goodies" sign
It's so beautiful, we barely needed to aim our cameras to get good shots. We have countless photos of pretty streets which I haven't uploaded; I find detail shots more interesting, so that's mostly what I'm going to show you.

Let's start with the pavements because, yes, even the pavements were pretty.
Metal door
Graffiti of a happy man
It was only a couple of degrees colder than Aberdeen that weekend, but we were outside most of the time so we drank a lot of hot wine which was available cheaply on almost every street corner. Besides that, our approach was just to walk until one of us got tired/needed the loo and didn't want to pay, then to pick a random cafe and get some food.

I had been a bit nervous about finding vegetarian-friendly food, but almost everywhere had something. Mostly gnocchi. I ate a lot of gnocchi.

Here we are enjoying my first cup of hot wine and Steve's first cup of grog (I considered photoshopping the hat crease off my forehead but, pff, it's authentic!):
Me with hot wine
Steve with grog
Pretty street
A religious sheep...?
Lots and lots of marionettes
I found all the marionettes a bit creepy...

This next guy, too. Apparently it's a statue of some guy who assaulted and murdered a woman who didn't fancy him, but his soul ended up lost as a result...? There were some really odd statues in Prague...
Creepy faceless statue
Man hanging around
Statue of boy with book
The houses in Prague used to be identified only by names, not by street numbers, so most of them have ornate lettering and signage above the door:
Man with fish
Gold leaves above a door
Landscape of Prague
Sign for Austrian wine cellar
Statue of winged lady
Sign reading "Bowling, 150-"
Jewish cemetery
Statue of a bug
There are many more photos to come...


  1. "What's your address?"

  2. Wow, a geocities URL! Old school! What a fun trip this was, at least from your lovely photos. Merry Christmas, friend!

  3. Imagine the directions if you didn't know that part of town...

  4. Lovely photos, Sarah! I went to Prague many times when I was quite young, and it's bringing back so many memories looking at these. Ah, Prague!

  5. Oh my, I didn't even know about that statue. Was it featured in one of those non-traditional guides or something? 
    I'm always curious what people who visit Prague/other Czech places think about it... And this post really makes me want to go to Prague again - you have a great eye for detail.
    Also is that a fly in that last photo? 

  6. The creepy faceless guy? We stumbled across it by accident, then we did a ghost tour in the evening and the tour guide explained a bit about it.

    We think it's a dung beetle... it was on the foot of a sort of sphinx...?

    And thank you. :)


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